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God May Be Here - Or Something Epic

By: Issuewire
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Albany, New York Nov 11, 2022 ( - On May 17, 1987, I, Joseph Hightower Gordon (you may notice you've never seen a more classic government name than when you see it in one line) who may be *GOD* Jehovah, was born into the earth. Unlike other people who've come to Earth and claimed they were God or maybe God, there are divine seeming, 100% clearly connecting signs in numerology, the alphabet, etc, that clearly say I'm God.

    I will share some of these signs with you right now and then redirect you to a web page that shows you most of these signs.

    Please notice the "17" in my birthdate "5/17/1987". Now "17" is perhaps the luckiest number because it has the number one we symbolizes being number 1 in the number 7 which is the number of luck which is also the number associated with Jehovah as some of you may know. St Patrick's Day is even March "17". You will see a lot of 17s throughout my signs.

    In my birthdate "5/17/1987", please notice that on top of the "17" birthday, the year is "1987" and there is a "1" and a "7" surrounding the "9" and the "8". That's "17". And if you add the "9" and "8". together you get "17". That is a clear connecting sign.

    Now, please notice that if you number the alphabet backward, "J" representing "Joseph Hightower Gordon" is the "17th" letter. That's another 17, and that's another powerful sign. 

    Now, please notice that "G" is the 7th letter of the alphabet in that "J" is the 10th letter of the alphabet. That's "JG" for "Joseph Gordon", "7" and "10", that's "17" added up. Yet another extraordinarily powerful sign.

    And if you thought that was amazing, you should see the other signs which are in the following link: https//

    I have the clear solution to the climate crisis and the economic crisis and I can probably end some other crisis' like the coronavirus crisis, but I can use your help. We need me to be king of this world. If you make me king of this world. I will create one digital currency that is the currency for the whole world and have unlimited money so that I could pay for all the world needs to stop the climate crisis within the 10-year time limit, inflation will also end and there will no longer be any economic crisis able to happen.

    I also have two other ways where I can earn the $350 trillion dollars needed to end the climate crisis within the 10-year time limit. But I can use your financial support to give me a boost. Here are some of the links you can go to and support me, which will also benefit you because of the funky products and services I will be offering to you in the links in order to support me:

email address: 

letters of the alphabet numbered christmas letter to number code 1240 x 1754 2alphabet 2

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Joseph Gordon

Source :The Realm of Nothing

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