Joe Edd Morris’ New Novel, The Prison, Details a Prison Escape that Averts National Disaster

A daring prison escape, a kidnapped daughter’s flight from the militia, a granddad’s sleuthing merge with the FBI foiling a plot to blow up Mississippi River bridges.

(PRUnderground) March 30th, 2019

Attempting to deliver an envelope to his church secretary, Sadie Doom, at her home, young pastor Cal Ferguson stumbles onto the murder of her husband, powerful county supervisor Tye Doom. Cal is falsely charged with the crime. Months later at his trial, he is found guilty. A subtle twist surfaces in his testimony, and within days his grandmother and his wife Sally, also the governor’s daughter, die in a mysterious parsonage fire. Cal’s young daughter, Shelley, is also presumed incinerated. His grandfather, Shell Ferguson, breaks the tragic news to Cal who is incarcerated in a nearby private prison. Shell smells a rat, survey’s the ruins, takes photos which suggest arson and presents them to the governor who orders the Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to probe further.

In the prison’s solitary confinement, Cal learns through his trusted prison inmate neighbor Chris, with whom he converses through an air-vent, that members of Aryan Nations, a domestic terrorist prison gang, are stalking him, one member even staging a fight to get close to him. While taking in this Aryan Nation element as a new clue to Cal’s incarceration, Shell probes his grandson’s memory of his visit to Tye Doom’s, slowly unraveling details, including a lost envelope, that are the key to solving the crime. Meanwhile, MBI unearths evidence of not only arson but also murder of the two women. The MBI Director suspects domestic terrorism.

Shell and the officials steadily uncover the plans of the Aryan Nations, involving the sale of stolen military jet engines and an assault on bridges along the Mississippi River. Prison threats and attacks on Cal become so intense that on Christmas Eve, he executes an ingenious and daring escape and heads cross country. His destination: a family hunting camp in the wilderness beyond the Mississippi River levee.

That same night, Shell receives word that hunters have found Cal’s daughter, Shelley, alive. Shell brings her to his home where they barely escape an ambush by terrorists. The next morning, Shell learns from an MBI investigator of Cal’s escape and is told by Shelley of the Aryan Nation camp in the wilderness. Realizing the terrorists are entrenched at Cal’s likely destination, Shell conjures a reason to leave, grabs his Beretta, and heads in a race against time to stop Cal from stumbling into a revolution. Ultimately, all the forces, including the FBI, come tumbling into one another at the camp, with Shell and Cal using both their woodsman skills and ingenuity to find their way out.

At Shell’s house, Cal and Shelley are reunited. Aryan Nations militia continue to hunt them, resulting in a shootout at the family cemetery. Shell and two highway patrolmen fell the assailants, the prison warden and Sadie Doom among them.

Copies of The Prison are available at all major booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Black Rose Writing

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