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Step across cross-cultural boundaries for peace and self discovery as you walk with Selima Gurtler in her newly released parable “And Now We Were Three”.
PRLog - Oct. 3, 2013 - “His Holiness appreciates the work you are doing in the field of greater understanding between religions.  He wishes you continued success in your noble work.”
-Office of H.H. The Dalai Lama

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“This book is a philosophical and immensely poetic presentation of the quest for peace and harmony, both personal and universal. The painter Gauguin inscribed, in a corner of his last masterpiece, three questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Selima gives us her own answers, spiritual, poetic and profound.

The author does not take up a polemical stance. She is a humanist. She examines in particular the universality of message, people and races, and she gives the reader a clear and personal signpost, while she avoids the chronological and intellectual history of ethical thought. That is not to say she does not acknowledge sources of wisdom. She has a melodic and moving use of language.

One of the qualities of this book is that it may start the casual reader to think less casually. It is not difficult to read, although it makes no compromises. The author gives the reader a lot of jumping-off points, quiet places of thought and meditation; and hope. Someone who picks up this book could easily find themselves next reading Darwin, the Upanishads, or Bertrand Russell, the Qu’ran or Spinoza. This has to be valuable.

I have a bad habit of reading three books at once and while I was reading this one, I was also reading Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the letters of Carl Jung, and they were not bad book-shelf fellows. This book may appear simple, but is certainly not simplistic. Selima is a profoundly spiritual writer who communicates with the reader in the language of truth and perception.

This is an interesting, very moving, intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking book. It has been a privilege to read And Now We Were Three. It presents a poetic distillation of thought and wisdom in a frame that is contemporary but also timeless.”
-Editor-in-Chief, Athena Press, London, UK


This unique and exquisitely beautiful story tells of a wistful Eurasian child, isolated and confused about who she was.  Nobody understood her, nor listened as she tried to explain her inner turmoil.  Which parent’s faith and culture should she follow?  How could she alienate one parent when she loved them both so much? What about her Soul, and who she really was?

In this extraordinary and inspirational parable, Selima Gurtler weaves the passage of her own dramatic early life as a rare and solitary cross-cultured child, born into a bigoted and racist London in the 1950s, and her life search to find her Self and to honor her Soul – her I AM.

It is a story that will shock the multi-cultured audience of today, as she leads us to contemplate some profound truths we may have overlooked.  Deeply moving in its poetry, she reveals that unconditional love and inner peace is the soul journey of the half-caste, all of whom can evolve into the long-awaited, authentic peacemakers for the future.

Her spiritual philosophy and Peace Foundation (East meets West) are honored by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu – the two world spiritual icons of today.

About the Author:

Selima Gurtler founded the East meets West Peace Foundation in 2000 as a non-profit organization for people of cross-cultural heritage. It is a spiritual movement, forum and oasis for discussion and dissemination of the profound inner soul challenges encountered by people who are born into cross-cultured families.

Under the wisdom and guidance of the Founder, through her writings and spiritual observations, EmW’s mission is to transmute the minds of these unique souls into a higher state of realization and self-discovery, to ascend into their greatness enabling them to reach out to the world as the authentic and world peacemakers whom humanity urgently summons. Learn more at:

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