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Serenity Lane Answers: "Why Is Fentanyl So Dangerous?"

Serenity Lane's Portland West Outpatient Office recently published a blog post on fentanyl and why it is considered to be so dangerous to the public. To begin with, overdose deaths have spiked by over 50% in Oregon in recent years, and it does not seem like matters will get better any time soon. This is why the organization has taken up the goal of talking about the dangers of fentanyl and illustrating why it should be avoided at all costs. They are dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic. Informing members of the public of the dangers of certain drugs is just one of the ways in which the organization aims to make a difference.

“Fentanyl is only prescribed in cases of severe pain,” the blog post says. “Doctors are very cautious about prescribing it because it does come with a risk. Usually, when this is prescribed, it will only be handed out by a pharmacy in a three-day supply. Any more than that, and the brain starts to form a dependence on it. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, which means it’s made in a lab. It’s incredibly powerful — 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. There are two kinds of fentanyl: pharmaceutical and illicitly manufactured. If you have back surgery and your doctor prescribes fentanyl, that’s pharmaceutical. If you’re buying it online or through street dealers, it’s likely either stolen or illicitly manufactured. In America, fentanyl overdoses are a big deal right now. It’s the leading cause of death in adults ages 18-45. The Coronavirus, suicides, and even car accidents come in a step behind fentanyl.”

Fentanyl reduces pain and discomfort and creates feelings of well-being and euphoria. This is why it can, for some people, be very addictive. When someone takes fentanyl regularly, they build up a tolerance to it, and they will soon need to take more to achieve the same relaxing euphoric effects. This, combined with how easily people can become dependent on fentanyl, makes it one of the most common drugs on which people overdose, and it has become a very widespread problem in a number of communities.

The article also talks about some of the other reasons why fentanyl might be such a common cause of overdose. Illegal sales are first on their list. Fentanyl is both sold and manufactured illegally on the streets or online. Illegally manufactured and sold drugs are not regulated in any way, shape, or form, which means there is no way for buyers to know what they are consuming. In turn, this means that very dangerous drugs could be mixed in. It's not uncommon for those with a substance use disorder to combine drugs with other substances, which greatly increases the chances of overdose. When they do overdose, the people around them are hesitant to call the authorities as they are afraid of being prosecuted for consuming illegal drugs. Overdose can be reversed, however, and it is possible to get treatment for addiction.

Serenity Lane helps people who are managing fentanyl use disorder. The blog post outlines some of the ways in which Serenity Lane can help, such as various outpatient programs. Since it first opened its doors, the organization has helped people with a wide range of addiction-related issues.

“Serenity Lane has pioneered many new programs over the years, including outpatient and residential step-down programs that combine residential and outpatient services,” says Serenity Lane. “Serenity Lane has outpatient programs in many locations throughout Oregon. Serenity Lane’s quality treatment of patients and their families is legendary. Serenity Lane has had the only Addiction Counselor Training Program in the State of Oregon, and we have graduates working in many treatment programs throughout the United States. Many of our counselors and physicians have been recognized for national honors. Our rigid adherence to qualifications and the longevity of our staff make Serenity Lane one of the premier treatment centers for alcohol and other drug problems. These attributes, combined with comparatively modest pricing, make Serenity Lane a desirable program for many patients and their families.”

Serenity Lane, launched in 1973, is the only treatment facility in Oregon fully licensed as a specialty hospital that can offer medically-assisted detox. They have launched several new programs over the years, such as residential step-down and outpatient programs that combine outpatient and residential services.

Those that are managing a substance use disorder are encouraged to seek help from a reputable rehab center such as Serenity Lane Portland East. These people, or their concerned loved ones, can contact Serenity Lane 24 hours a day at 800-543-9905. Persons seeking help can also get in touch with them by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on their website.


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