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Innolux to Showcase a Series of Cutting-Edge Breakthrough Products Toward a Better Life

MicroLED display technology and exclusive chat display push the boundaries of Imagination with Revolutionary Technologies

LAS VEGAS, USA - Media OutReach Newswire - 8 January 2024 - Innolux will showcase the latest cutting-edge and breakthrough products and technologies in Las Vegas, U.S. from January 9 to 12. According to President James Yang, Innolux focuses on the development of display and integrating new technology; the company's products and technologies can be broadly applied in fields such as healthcare, meetings, shopping and entertainment, thereby comprehensively maximizing convenience, security and recreation for the future.

Innolux exclusively launches the world's first "53-inch QD Color Conversion AM-MicroLED seamless tiling display"

Innolux MicroLED technology to create a new vision world of experience
Innolux has launched the world's first "53-inch QD Color Conversion AM-MicroLED seamless tiling display," allowing displays of all sizes to be assembled through seamless tiling modules. Furthermore, this seamless tiling technology has the potential to meet the market demand for ultra-large, high-quality displays, ranging from 110 to 200 inches. The solution offers features such as high color saturation (1.07 times better than OLED), color uniformity, and high ambient contrast ratio (8 times better than OLED), which deliver high-quality images, among other advantages, even under standard lighting conditions. The solution provides excellent visual experiences, redefines the future of display technologies, and creates customer-specific artistic visualizations. Regarding production and development, Innolux has also upheld its commitment to corporate sustainability. This innovation not only pushes the boundaries of technology, but also revolutionizes the way we think about display technologies.

To lead the display technology of automotive, Innolux presents "9.6-inch RGB MicroLED automotive display" which brings excellent high-definition, high brightness, high color saturation, excellent ambient contrast and high temperature resistance to in-car entertainment and information presentation. Innolux and its subsidiary CarUX jointly develop a new generation of automotive displays to create a new mobile experience for drivers and passengers.

Innolux's New Generation Display Products: Creating a New Wave of Immersive Experiences, Embracing the Metaverse and AI Integration
Innolux has pioneered the world's only "27-inch Chat Display." It features a built-in battery, allowing the TV screen to be easily moved around, and combines multiple functions such as chat, face recognition and portability, which provide more opportunities for users to interact with the display. From homes to lifestyle platforms and new areas such as education and training, social media interaction, marketing and sales and customer service, this technology has found diverse uses and embraced the applications of AI in the new era.

The first of its kind in the industry—Innolux's "31.5-inch Multi-Users N3D Display"—is a high-resolution panel with a special optical structure. Innolux's exclusive N3D algorithm can effectively combat the discomfort caused by extended use of 3D screens. It can deliver a vivid 3D effect without the need for any wearable devices, enhancing users' visual experience for advertising and gaming.

The virtual life application market has been steadily emerging, with a growing demand for lightweight features and exceptional immersive experiences in head-mounted virtual reality displays. Innolux's lightweight VR product, the "Low Power High Dynamic Range 2117 PPI VR LCD," not only boasts an increased 4K resolution but also incorporates several sustainable, low-carbon design elements. It features a high-frequency driver, a narrow bezel, and high dynamic range, aiming to deliver a highly immersive experience, high contrast, minimal dizziness, and no screen door effect. The ultimate goal is to present ultra-refined images for an enhanced VR experience.

Innolux's Main Exclusive Laptop Display Features: Pushing Boundaries with Lightness, High Brightness and Sensory Experiences
The 16-inch High-Refresh-Rate MiniLED Backlight Panel launched by Innolux uses the advanced miniLED backlight technology and comes with a high refresh rate of 240 Hz, making it a pioneer product in high-tech visual experience. With extraordinary visual impact, it brings users one-of-a-kind experience, in terms of brightness, contrast, color gamut, and color saturation. More importantly, it has also achieved ultra-low power consumption. Whether in an indoor or outdoor environment under the sun, its display is clear and ready to deliver the most captivating visual enjoyment. In the meantime, it has incorporated carbon reduction design that embraces high efficiency and low power consumption. It is therefore, electricity saving and contributive to the protection of environmental sustainability.

The brand-new 16-inch FHD+ PolarBlack Panel is produced with the exclusive breakthrough PolarBlack technology, delivering an unprecedented visual banquet to users. With high brightness and high contrast, details of the dark state are more prominent than ever, rendering more vibrant colors. Whether in a dusky environment at night, or in a bright sunny day, the PolarBlack Panel is able to portray pure dark state and more refined colors, such that details of the dark state are clearly showcased. As a result, it can give users a more immersive visual experience and become a pioneer in somber-blackness, leading the technological trend.

The all-new 14-inch TED Super Low Power Panel is a trend-setting panel. By using less material and adopting the new-generation low-consumption backlight design, it successfully surpasses the backlight power consumption limitation in the industry, achieving an outstanding energy saving performance of 45%. This innovative panel technology is not only the embodiment of product advancement, but also a trend-setter for future sustainable products.

Innolux's 16-inch QHD+ 300Hz High-Resolution Esports Panel comes with an ultra-high refresh rate of 300Hz and response rate of 3ms, which is able to deliver lag-free and high-contrast immersive visual experience to high-end gamers. Using our exclusive backlight module technology, it can also save energy consumption by 45%, which is perfectly in line with sustainable design ideals, thereby bringing new breakthrough to esports.

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