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The Next Evolution of Blockchain Hybrid Infrastructure THXNET. Launches its Main-net To Support Its Web3-as-a-Service Offerings.

TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 10 November 2023 - In a major leap for the digital age, THXLAB proudly announces the public launch of THXNET. main-net going live. THXNET. is a ground-breaking Web3 and blockchain hybrid infrastructure system that focuses to onboard the next billion users to Web3 through its Web3-as-a-Service (Web3-aaS) offerings. As the world stands at the intersection of Web2.0 and Web3, THXNET.'s mission is to create a seamless and user-friendly and developer-friendly transition, positioning itself as a pioneering force in the realm of Web3.


Unveiling THXNET.'s Core Proposition

At the heart of THXNET. is the revolutionary Web3-as-a-Service (Web3aaS). Powered by theadvanced Substrate framework and expertly crafted by THXLAB, THXNET. offers a dedicated Layer 1 (L1) infrastructure bolstered by the robust Layer 0 (L0) Rootchain.

THXNET.'s Web3aaS spans a comprehensive range of solutions from the Blockchain base (L0/L1) to application and service support. With a unique capability to support fiat-based payments, the platform addresses the transactional needs of a diverse clientele. Notably, in June 2023, THXNET launched its main-net, featuring two active L1 chains, already establishing multiple use-cases predominantly in Japan. THXNET. is fully geared to expand its clientele and use-cases beyond Japan, starting with the other Asian markets.

"Web3 technology holds the promise of a more decentralized, secure, and user-centric online world. With THXNET, we're not just delivering technology, we're shaping the future of the internet," said Aro Kondo, Co-Founder and CEO of THXLAB & THXNET.

Why THXNET Stands Apart

With its Layer 1 Leafchains & Layer 0 Rootchain Advantage, THXNET's foundational architecture enables:
  • Scalability: Efficiently managing a vast transaction volume.
  • Security: Implementing robust security measures.
  • Decentralization: Ensuring distributed control for greater transparency.
  • Interoperability: Facilitating smooth interactions with other chains and systems.

Unique Value Proposition:
THXNET's distinctive architecture not only enables dApp development but empowers existing Web2.0 platforms to transition into a Web3 environment. By bridging the Web2.0 and Web3 ecosystems, THXNET provides:
  • A holistic Web3 solution spanning protocol to application layers.
  • A platform for Web2.0 entities to swiftly establish their Web3 services.
  • Market Dynamics and Opportunities


Aro remarked, "THXNET is our answer to the challenge of making Web3 easily accessible. The fusion of Web2.0 and Web3 is now not just a concept, but a working model. Our blockchain infrastructure is a more practical solution to drive mass adoption of Web3"

By 2025, forecasts suggest Japan's blockchain-based DX market will breach $6 billion. With its expansive suite of solutions, THXNET aspires to carve out a substantial market share. Beyond Japan, THXNEX's vision reaches across Asia, targeting tech hubs in South Korea, Singapore, China, India, and emerging Southeast Asian markets.

Navigating a Competitive Landscape

While the Web3 space is crowded with entities like Stratos, Astar Network, Ethereum 2.0, and Polkadot, THXNET differentiates itself through its distinctive architecture, fiat payment support, and an aggressive pan-Asian growth strategy. THXNET will also be offering a ground-breaking mobile application platform for developers to explore, connect, create, build and discover the entire THXNET ecosystem including its blockchain infrastructure, documentations, APIs and other offerings all hosted in one single app. The app is poised to launch at the end of November this year and more info will be released on its version 1 launch.

As a beacon of Web3's potential, THXNET, supported by THXLAB, is poised to usher in a new era, transforming the digital landscape towards greater decentralization, security, and efficiency.

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About THXNEt

At THXNEX, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Web3 technology, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape. Our core proposition revolves around the concept of Web3-as-a-Service (Web3aaS), embodying the next evolution in online experiences. Central to our offering is a dedicated Layer 1 (L1) infrastructure, meticulously facilitated by the robust THXNET Layer 0 (L0) Rootchain. This foundation is powered by the cutting-edge Substrate framework, fine-tuned to perfection by the experts at THXLAB.

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