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Bergen County Criminal Defense Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Releases Article on Juvenile Drug Possession Charges in NJ

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Hackensack, NJ – Bergen County criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg ( has released an informative article about Juvenile Drug Possession Charges in New Jersey. The article provides valuable information for minors and their parents who may be facing drug possession charges in the state.

As an experienced Bergen County criminal defense attorney, Adam M. Lustberg understands the serious consequences of drug possession charges for minors. The article highlights the potential impact on a minor’s future opportunities, such as entering the military, participating in school activities, and even going to college.

The article also discusses how a minor can be charged with drug possession in New Jersey and the differences between juvenile and adult drug possession charges. The Bergen County criminal defense attorney explains the various options available for juvenile defendants, including drug counseling, probation, diversion, and detention in a juvenile detention center or home confinement for repeat offenders.

“If your child is facing drug possession charges, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible,” said Lustberg. “A criminal defense attorney can help your child navigate the legal system and fight for their innocence.”

The article explains the process of a juvenile drug arrest in New Jersey, from law enforcement taking the minor into custody to the case being transferred to a hearing at family court. Lustberg emphasizes that juveniles have the right to counsel for any matter that could lead to their commitment to a juvenile institution.

“Our team at Lustberg Law understands that facing drug possession charges can be a scary and confusing time for minors and their parents,” said Lustberg. “We are dedicated to helping our clients get the help they need and navigate the legal system successfully.”

Furthermore, attorney Lustberg says that In New Jersey, it is possible for a minor to face drug possession charges through several avenues. The minor must have knowingly possessed the illicit substance. For instance, if marijuana, cocaine, or heroin is discovered in the glove compartment or trunk of a car or in the minor’s backpack, law enforcement may have sufficient probable cause to conclude that the juvenile was aware of the substance’s presence. 

In addition, a minor can be charged with drug possession if drugs are hidden in areas they control, such as a school locker, motor vehicle, or bedroom. Ultimately, any juvenile drug charge stems from the minor’s direct knowledge, control, and possession of the illegal narcotic.

The conclusion of the article stresses the importance of seeking legal representation for minors facing drug possession charges in New Jersey. Lustberg encourages readers to contact his law firm for expert legal guidance and representation.

“At Lustberg Law, we believe in fighting for our client’s rights and helping them achieve the best possible outcome,” said Lustberg. “If your child is facing drug possession charges, don’t wait. Contact us today for a consultation.”

About Lustberg Law Offices:

Lustberg Law Offices is a criminal defense law firm located in Hackensack, NJ, serving clients in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey. The firm is led by Bergen County criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg, who has extensive experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges. Lustberg Law is dedicated to providing clients with aggressive legal representation and personalized attention.


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