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Manhattan Child Support Lawyer Richard Shum Explains How Child Support and Custody in New York is Decided

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Manhattan child support lawyer Richard Shum ( releases a new article explaining how child support and custody are decided in New York. The lawyer mentions that child custody and support are two major family law concerns that go hand in hand. New York law has specific rules regarding how and how often support should be given. Although parents may sometimes make their own agreements, the court will still review them to determine if they are in the best interest of their child.

“The Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) aims to provide an economic baseline by which parents can calculate an equitable amount of child support. Following it is not mandatory however, parents who seek to deviate from the standards must make sure to provide justification for why they chose to deviate,” the Manhattan child support lawyer says. 

As determined by a judge, income can also include gifts from family and friends as well employee benefits. SSI and Public Assistance are not considered income. However, certain deductions may be allowed. Once the deductions have been taken from each parent’s income they should be added together to calculate their total income.

The lawyer further explains that to get each parent’s share of the child support obligation, their total income should be divided by the amount of their combined total income. This is their parent’s share of the combined income, which should be multiplied by the combined child support obligation. This would give you the child support obligation of each parent.

New York courts consider the parent with the most custody of the children the custodial parent. This is to make it clear who pays child support. If the parents have joint or equal custody, the parent with a higher income will pay child support to the other parent. In this case, a deviation from the CSSA calculation could be acceptable.

In the article, the Manhattan child support lawyer adds, “The government recognizes that children in a divorce hold no fault and that they should continue to live life in a manner that is as unchanged from how it was before their parents’ divorce. New York, child support is meant to support the costs of providing food, shelter, clothing, everyday expenses, and education including college to children caught in a divorce.” 

Lastly, the New York child support attorney emphasizes that having a divorce lawyer can help the couple ensure they have the legal support they need when it comes to divorce matters. A skilled attorney can help the couple draft their agreements and make sure that the agreement is legally enforceable. 

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