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The Team Of Hairdressers At Beardoholic Release Answers To The Most Popular Questions About Dying Your Hair

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Austin, Texas – Beardoholic is made up of a team of hairdressers and grooming experts who share only the most detailed, latest, and data-driven advice and tips every man needs to know on beard care, styling and maintenance, male grooming, and shaving.

On the Beardoholic website, its team of professional hairdressers has now released a series of posts that debunk some long-believed hair care myths and answer some of the most popular questions that their clients have asked about dying their hair, such as does hair dye actually expire, can you dye wet hair and can you kill lice with hair dye.

Debunking Myths

Beardoholic researches and compares all the latest products and tools for your beard, face, and body, to provide its readers with a range of extensive and in-depth guides that help you find the perfect product to suit your needs.

The company also has a selection of helpful articles available on its website to answer a few common haircare questions and debunk grooming myths, including:

Can you kill lice with hair dye?

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “can you kill lice with hair dye?” Then, Beardoholic offers you a comprehensive article where its team examines the evidence.

While many people who suffer from head lice assume that because of all the chemicals present in hair dye, it will be an effective method to solve their lice issue, no research completed has conclusively shown that dye can completely remove lice.

However, recent anecdotal evidence has demonstrated that hair dye kills lice but will not remove the eggs or nits from your hair.

If you would like to attempt to treat your lice issue with hair dye, Beardoholic suggests a simple 5 step method:

  • Use a lice comb to remove as many lice as possible
  • Prepare the hair dye according to the package instructions
  • Apply the hair dye to your hair
  • Wait and rinse the hair
  • Go through the hair with the lice comb again to remove any remaining lice

How do you remove semi-permeant dye from your hair?

Semi-permanent hair dye is a great choice if you are having trouble choosing your next hair color or if you are looking to experiment with which shades will suit you the most.

Compared to permanent hair dye, Semi-permanent colors do not contain as many harsh chemicals that penetrate and potentially damage your hair strands and cuticles.

Beardoholic recommends that when removing semi-permanent dye from your hair, you should use a trusted shampoo and continue to wash your hair as normal.

This is because the semi-permanent dye has been designed to fade and disappear after around 6-12 washes (although this number may differ as all hair is different.)

Can you dye wet hair?

Beardoholic has created an in-depth list of the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect if you wish to try to color your hair when it is wet.


  • Requires less product
  • Gives a subtler result
  • Not as messy


  • Uneven color
  • May damage your hair
  • The water may dilute the color

What color should I dye my hair?

If you are wondering what color should you use to dye your hair, then Beardoholic has released a list of the most popular shades and their meaning:

  • Green

According to legend, girls with green hair – which resembles the meaning of the color green – are assertive but composed.

  • Red

Those who opt for red hair are frequently thought to have tempers as hot as the colors of their heads.

The personality associated with this hair color is commonly described as very seductive, creative, and outspoken.

  • Blonde

Beardoholic claims that a woman with this hair color will undoubtedly feel and be perceived by others as being sexier.

  • Brunette

According to Beardoholic, the most preferred job candidates are brunettes, who are frequently regarded as good, intelligent, and trustworthy.

More information

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