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Farm Sun Seed Add New Category About Chainsaws To Its Website, Where You Can Find The Latest User Guides And Tips

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Ann Arbor, Michigan – Farm Sun Seed is an online resource about everything related to farming and farm life. The website offers a range of informative categories based on personal experience, industry advice, and tips from a selection of trusted local farmers.

After an influx of positive reviews and seeing the popularity of Farm Sun Seed’s Farming Equipment category, the team behind the website has now added a new Chainsaws category that discusses tips, tricks, guides, and reviews on the latest chainsaws.

All the articles are written by Jake Hill, a licensed professional by the National Chainsaw Program that attests to his skills and expertise in the safe and efficient use of chainsaws.

The Complete Chainsaws Guide

At Farm Sun Seed, you will find a selection of in-depth reviews on the latest Farming Equipment, such as loaders, tractors, and lawnmowers, as well as guides on how to effectively use chainsaws.

Below is an extract taken from Farm Sun Seed’s latest chainsaw post, “How to Change Chainsaw Chains in 9 Easy Steps.”

A chainsaw’s chain is the heart of the tool, and taking care of it is key to ensuring it’s running at its best. However, when the chain becomes dull, it is necessary to change it to bring back its sharpness. If you don’t replace the chainsaw’s chain correctly, it can be costly, time-consuming, and risky.

Farm Sun Seed has created a 9-step process to help you safely change your chainsaw’s chain:

  • 1: Remove the Chain Brake from the Chainsaw

First, you must remove the chain brake. The chain brake is commonly located on the side plate of the chainsaw, and it can make it hard to put the chain back on if it is not taken off.

  • 2: Remove the Side Plate from the Chainsaw

The side plate can be removed with a screwdriver. Keep the screws in a container to find them easily once you’re ready to put the chainsaw back together.

  • 3: Release the Tension

To release the tension on a chainsaw, gently pull the far end of the shaft away from the tool.

  • 4: Disassociate the Chain

Once the chain has become loose, gently pull it away from the chainsaw.

  • 5: Adjust the Tensioning Screw as Needed

A tensioning screw can be found near the bottom of the shaft of the chainsaw. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently turn it counterclockwise in order to make the reassembly process of the chainsaw easier.

  • 6: Put the Chain Back on the Tool

To reconnect the chain, thread it through the back drum, rotate the chain ring, and make sure that the drive links are correctly aligned with the chain ring. Make sure to check that the chain is turning with the chain ring; if not, rethread the chain through the clutch drum and check again.

Next, return the shaft to its original position and align the guide bar after the chain has been installed around it. Once you release the pressure on the shaft in the second step, return the guide bar to its original position.

Lastly, ensure it’s securely fixed in the chainsaw’s adjustment pin.

  • 7: Reattach the Side Plate to the Chainsaw

Once the chain has been reconnected, put the side plate back in its original location and replace the bolts by screwing them in with your hands.

  • 8: Adjust the Chain’s Tension

Tighten the tension nut on the bottom of the chainsaw’s shaft to ensure it is secure.

  • 9: Tighten the Chain

To properly set the tension on your chainsaw, use a screwdriver to adjust the tightness of the chain.

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