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Move Over Boys! ICE Cannabis Seeds Launch Batch of Stress Free Feminised Seeds to Add to Your Collection

By: Magic PR

Established in 2009 and quickly gaining the reputation as the leading website in the UK to purchase cannabis seeds, ICE Cannabis Seeds specialise in providing you with a wide selection of their hand selected premium products and excellent customer service.

Experts in feminised seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds, you will find detailed information from their knowledgeable team on their selection of different strains, flavours and brands, as well as practical yield times and if the seeds are best suited to grow inside or outside.

So, whether you are searching for something unique to bring to your garden, enhance your current collection or want to discover new strong strains, ICE Cannabis Seeds will help you to grow your passion.

The Future is Feminised

ICE Cannabis Seeds work with modern breeders who have perfected the feminisation process to create seeds that are stress free.

Male cannabis plants don’t sprout buds and can even effect your yield by turning flowering female plants into males.

Feminised seeds reduce the time and effort of the growing process by being bred to eliminate male chromosomes. This will ensure that every plant you grow will be female and have the potential to sprout buds, while also boasting a much higher content of THC, CBD and CBN.

ICE Cannabis Seeds have a large selection of top brand feminised seeds, such as:

  • Blimburn Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • World of Seeds
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • White Label Seeds
  • Samsara Seeds

Not only this, but they also offer a range of feminised Sweet Seeds that are known for their lip smacking aroma, with flavours from cream caramel, snow fruit, cream mandarin to sweet cheese.

Autoflowering Seeds

ICE Cannabis Seeds also specialise in autoflowering seeds that combine the potency and stable genetics of traditional cannabis strains to create genetically modified seeds that are not only high quality but also fast growing.

You can find a large assortment of different strains of autoflowering seeds, such as, Black Skull, Emerald Triangle and Zambeza seeds, along with many more types to add to your growing collection.

Best CBD Experience

Along with their selection of premium cannabis seeds, ICE Cannabis Seeds also have an incredible range of CBD products and accessories.

With the best quality products from leading brands, choice of a variety of flavours and huge selection of vape pens, e-liquids and accessories, you can find everything you need for the best CBD experience at the Ice Headshop,


Increasing in popularity in the UK and all over the world, CBD oil (or cannabidiol) is an active chemical that is extracted from the hemp plant and seed oil without the intoxicating psychoactive effects.

A large amount of research has been conducted on the benefits CBD oil can have on your wellbeing and health with claims suggesting it can reduce symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, while also just helping you relax after a stressful day.

You can find a large selection of products, from health and beauty items to edibles, oral oils, incense herbs and vape oils at


Due to the health implications of smoking, more and more people are turning to vaping as a healthier alternative.

At the Ice Headshop there is a selection of different vape kits to suit any kind of preference or budget. They have a plethora of e-liquids and juices that come with or without nicotine and are either flavourless or in a large variety of delicious flavours from some of the leadings names in the market.

So, to discover this collection of premium vaping products, liquids and accessories, please visit

More information

To find out more about ICE Cannabis Seeds and their list of products, please visit their website at


About ICE Cannabis Seeds

ICE was established in 2009 and since then we have been making steady progress towards being regarded as the best place to buy cannabis seeds.

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