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CBM Plastics, Inc.: Your First-Rate Solution For Plastic Part Manufacturing

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With over 20 years of experience in the areas of profile extrusion, custom plastic injection molding, and thermoforming, family-owned CBM Plastics, Inc. uses innovative solutions and high-quality services to help you accomplish your plastic manufacturing goals.

CBM Plastics, Inc. has an outstanding reputation among its customers as the plastic molding company in Illinois that will always ensure excellent customer service, business confidentiality and will work alongside your business to tailor a customized schedule that will assist with your deadline and budget.

Why Choose CBM Plastics, Inc.?

With their years of experience as a plastic molding manufacturer, CBM Plastics, Inc. understands the importance of supplying you with a professional team of plastic design and production experts who will use the excellent on-site equipment to create your ideal product and help you solve any production problems.

Unlike other manufacturing companies, CBM Plastics, Inc. works with their customers to ensure they receive a trusted, reliable service with viable solutions explicitly personalized for your needs.

They have created products for virtually every industry and use this knowledge and experience to constantly upgrade their technology and equipment to guarantee that you receive quality parts at highly competitive pricing.

Plastic Molding

CBM Plastics, Inc. has the unique ability to utilize multiple types of plastic manufacturing processes to create a one-stop shop for your business and streamline your supply chain.

Plastic Thermoforming

Plastic parts are used in many industries for durability, versatility, and application flexibility. CBM Plastics, Inc. helps you with the unique part design for your business and provides you with their high-quality service to fulfill your custom plastic thermoforming needs.

Plastic thermoforming is ideal for large-scale designs or products that need shorter production runs and follows a process of:

  • A sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature.
  • The heated plastic is stretched onto a single-surface aluminum mold.
  • It is then drawn against the mold by a vacuum to create a three-dimensional shape.
  • After the shape is formed, the part is trimmed and finished to meet your exact needs.

Plastic Injection Molding

CBM Plastics, Inc. offers plastic injection molding in Illinois that is ideal for smaller, intricate parts and larger production runs.

During this process, a custom mold is created; plastic raw materials are then heated to a molten state, injected into the mold, and then cooled to develop the finished product.

There are many benefits to choosing custom injection molding, such as:

  • Detailed Tooling Capabilities – Injection molding is the perfect process for producing extremely complex or intricate components, with a high degree of detail and surface finish options.
  • Process Efficiency – This method is highly efficient, with very low scrap or unused material rates. CBM Plastics, Inc. will precisely predict the amount of material needed to fill the mold for each component to ensure minimal waste.
  • Versatility – Not only do you have free choice on your product design, but CBM Plastics, Inc. can produce a plastic part in any color you desire.

Custom Profile Extrusion

Plastic extrusion profiles are very versatile and can be made in large quantities, with CBM Plastics, Inc. also offering custom plastic profile extrusion.

During this process, first, the raw plastic material is heated to a molten state and then is pressed through a die to create a linear part with the same cross-sectional geometry for its entire length. After cooling, the manufacturing team can then provide added value with downstream equipment by cutting to your specified length or by punching as many holes as you need.

More information

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About CBM Plastics, Inc.

CBM Plastics has the unique ability to utilize multiple types of plastic manufacturing processes to create a one-stop shop for your business, in order to streamline your supply chain – we do it all!

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