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Alcohol Rehab, Addiction Treatment, Detox, and Sober Living are all offered at Better Days Treatment in Anaheim CA

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Located in sunny Anaheim CA, the Better Days Treatment facility is here to help you with your addiction treatment. We offer several different types of treatment to help you get sober. Detox, Alcohol Rehab and Sober Living are just a few options you have to choose from here in Anaheim. Whether you decide to choose outpatient or inpatient treatment we have the ability to customize your addiction treatment and alcohol rehab to best fit your needs.

Your first step towards sobriety should begin with detox. During the detox treatment you will rid your body of the toxins you have placed in it. Detox can last up to 7 days. This phase of treatment is not always pleasant, but it is necessary to achieve your sobriety. Detox can lead to severe withdrawals and cravings that should be monitored by a professional. Medications such as benzodiazepines can be used during detox to help curve the symptoms of withdrawals during this phase of your alcohol rehab. Detox is also helpful because it can lessen the chances of relapsing. You will be amazed at how much better you can feel once your body is free from all the toxins you have placed in it. Better Days Treatment in Anaheim CA is here to help you reach your goals and teach you how to make better decisions and live a happier healthier life.

What better place to work towards your sobriety than alcohol rehab in Anaheim CA? The warm temperatures and breeze that come with being located near the beaches of Anaheim CA are tranquil and should make your addiction treatment and alcohol rehab a more pleasant experience. Imagine taking advantage of the beautiful climate here in Anaheim while attending group sessions for addiction treatment outside instead of being closed in a building. Holistic treatment methods such as massage and yoga or long walks outside are also perfect for your addiction treatment and alcohol rehab. All these holistic treatments can be done outdoors as well.

Once you have completed your alcohol rehab or addiction treatment plan you will need to have the means to continue your treatments long term through meetings and counselling. Sober living homes are a great way to help you hold yourself accountable while you transition back into everyday living. Let your peers help you continue to make healthy choices and learn new ways to cope with the cravings. It takes a strong support system to maintain sobriety. Sober living homes can be that support system for you if you do not have a strong support system in place at home. Hopefully bad decisions that lead to relapse will not be as threatening to your sobriety while staying in a sober living home.

If you are tired of living with your addictions and ready to get healthy, please consider Better Days Treatment in Anaheim CA. Pick up the phone and make that call today. Let one of our counselors help you customize an alcohol rehab or addiction treatment plan that best fits your needs. We will be happy to get you started with detox and on the road to living a healthier life.


About Better Days Treatment Center

Better Days is a straightforward name with a straightforward purpose. We truly believe that your best days are not already behind you. Instead, there are better days ahead for you if you’re willing to work towards them.

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2220 W Judith Lane
California 92804
United States

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