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Strategic Relationships Cross-Licensing and Sourcing are Globally Expanding 3D-Printed Ecosystem Flooring and Wall Panel Products Made with Recycled Ocean Plastics: Northann Corp. (NYSE: NCL)

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• Marketing a Wide Range of 3D-Printed Ecosystem Flooring and Wall Panel Products Under Flagship Brand, "Benchwick."

• Additive Manufacturing Including Sourcing Recycled Ocean Plastics to Production of Intricate Flooring Designs.

• Established Sales Network in North America and Europe. 

• Strategic Relationship with REXIL Group in the Netherlands to Promote Sustainable Technology and Products.

• Signed Cross-Licensing Agreement with I4F for Digital Printing Technology.

• Plan for Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to The American South.

• 3-D Printing Ecosystem Products Receive “Best of” Innovation Awards at TISE2024 Industry Event.  

• Approval Received from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Core Technology in Benchwick 3D Printing Ecosystem.

Northann Corp. (NYSE: NCL) specializes in 3D-printed flooring solutions under its flagship brand, "Benchwick." NCL operations span the full spectrum of additive manufacturing, from sourcing recycled ocean plastics to the final production of intricate flooring designs. NCL offers its 3D printing ecosystem as an extensive range of proprietary solutions, including Infinite Glass, DSE, TruBevel, and MattMaster, primarily through its sales network in North America and Europe. NCL aims to redefine the essence of modern flooring and wall panels by offering stylish, durable, and ecologically conscious solutions.

Signing of Strategic Relationship with REXIL Group in the Netherlands to Promote Sustainable Technology and Products

On April 23rd NCL announced the signing of a strategic relationship with REXIL Group, a prominent distributor in the Netherlands. This collaboration aims to enhance the presence of sustainable technology and products in REXIL Group's distribution channels.

Under this agreement, REXIL Group will promote NCL environmentally-friendly products Blue11 and SuperOak, seamless integrated with its revolutionary 3D printing ecosystem offerings, to its extensive network of customers in the Netherlands. This partnership aligns with the NCL commitment to sustainability and innovation, furthering its mission to transform spaces with cutting-edge solutions.

The partnership with REXIL Group represents a significant step forward for NCL in expanding its global presence and promoting sustainable practices in the industry. Both companies share a common vision of driving positive change through innovation and sustainability, making this collaboration a natural fit.

Cross-Licensing Agreement with I4F for Digital Printing Technology

On April 10th NCL announced a strategic cross-licensing agreement with I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technology in the flooring industry. 

This agreement solidifies a collaborative effort with NCL to enhance both parties’ respective offerings in the digital printing space. The NCL commitment to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with I4F's expertise in digital printing technology, creating a synergy that promises exciting advancements in the flooring industry.

"Intellectual property should not be a barrier to technological and industry advancements; it should be a catalyst for continuous innovation for humanity and the industry as a whole," said Lin Li, CEO of NCL. "Our cross-license agreement with I4F is designed to further democratize this technology and help I4F's digital printing licensees greatly reduce manufacturing costs and entry barriers. After this cross-license agreement, Northann Corp will manufacture its 3D printing ecosystem withigital printing production lines in the United States, drastically reducing production costs and further solidifying the NCL foothold within the industry."

Plan of Strategic Relocation of Corporate Headquarters

On March 14th NCL announced its plan for the relocation of its corporate headquarters to the American South. This strategic move is aligned with the NCL forward-looking vision and commitment to enhancing its market presence and customer engagement in that region.

The new headquarters will serve as a central hub for NCL operations, intended to foster innovation and collaboration among its teams. The relocation was carefully selected for its proximity to key markets and customers, enabling NCL to respond to and service more effectively the evolving needs of its clientele and to seize new business opportunities.

The NCL headquarters relocation is expected to create 300 jobs and integrate the 3D printing ecosystem into the middle and consumer markets more prospectively. Additionally, the relocation will help commercialize the latest NCL innovations to customers more swiftly and speed up the update of new products. The transition to the new NCL headquarters will commence in April 2024 and is expected to be a smooth and seamless move expected to be completed by June 2024.

After the relocation of the headquarters, NCL will continue to maintain its branch in California, ensuring ongoing support and service to its clients in the region.

New NCL 3-D Printing Ecosystem Products Receive “Best of” Innovation Awards at TISE2024

On January 30th NCL announced that its product and technology exhibit lineup at the 2024 International Surface Event (TISE2024) was recognized with the “Best of Award 2024” for Overall Company Innovation and with a “Best of Sustainability / Disruption Honoree” award.

TISE, the largest North American exposition for the floor covering, stone, and tile industry that concluded January 26th in Las Vegas, featured over 2,000 exhibitors from around the globe.

Cited in the award were four new product additions to the NCL Benchwick brand 3D-printing ecosystem, each developed with advanced design features integrating recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

These products were:

Ocean Plastic Waste Core Blue11, an eco-friendly substance utilizing recycled ocean plastic waste that both addresses environmental concerns and provides an expanded color palette and other new features;

High Glossy Flooring and Wall Panels. Employing a low-temperature glaze processing akin to ceramic tiles, this product series introduces a manufacturing technique that achieves a high-gloss finish while offering unparalleled durability and functionality;

Versatile Substrates. New waterproof laminate and veneer options, combined with HDF board integration, that introduce multiple creative possibilities for designers and manufacturers; and

Updated AI-Powered Envision Engine, an Artificial Intelligence image creation tool capable of generating ultra-realistic and diversified wood and tiles images for customers.

"We are thrilled to have received these awards for our 3D-printed innovations at TISE 2024," said NCL CEO, Mr. Lin Li. “We are gratified that these four product offerings, each of which embody our long-standing commitment to style, innovation, durability, and ecological sustainability, have been recognized by the largest and most prestigious floor covering industry event in North America.”

Approval from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Core Technology in Benchwick 3D Printing Ecosystem

On January 17th NCL announced that it had received approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for one of the Company’s core technologies, DSE (Patent No. 11,821,216), which is an integral part of the NCL Benchwick 3D printing ecosystem.

DSE, short for Dynamic Surface Enhancement, is a cutting-edge technology that enables NCL to achieve authentic textures and lifelike detailing in its 3D printed products. This technology sets the NCL apart from competitors, allowing for superior quality and aesthetics in the final output and enhancing the capabilities and performance of the Benchwick 3D printing ecosystem.

This approval from the USPTO is a significant milestone for NCL, validating the uniqueness and innovation of its core technology and further solidifying the Company's position as a pioneer in the industry.


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