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6 ways to smell fresher from your pits to your bits

(BPT) - There's a funny thing about body odor. It's not confined to your underarms. It can affect your whole body, from your pits to your bits ... and beyond. Ever get a whiff of your feet after a long day in sandals? How about your bra when you whip it off after you get home after work? Let's be honest, ladies. We might want to smell like a delicate spring rain, but by the end of the day? Sometimes, the struggle is real.

Secret gets it. This industry leader that has been helping women get their good smell on for nearly 70 years recently found women often face unspoken concerns about whole body odor.

"Some people think body odor means you're 'dirty' when body odor is completely normal and natural," says OBGYN Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald. "We all have bacteria that naturally exists on our bodies. If that bacteria is able to mix with sweat in tight spaces, it will emit an odor. Also many think body odor is only normal under the arms, when it can come from many more parts of the body."

But, McDonald explains, the tactics they have been using to combat body odor have been less than effective - taking multiple showers a day, layering clothes, applying powder, using sprays or perfumes to mask the odor, even avoiding being close to or intimate with others.

Women have enough stress. Do we really need to worry about this, too? There's got to be a better solution.

The good news? There is. Here are some tips that really work.

Watch what you eat ... Far be it from anyone to suggest you give up garlic bread, hummus or a Caesar salad, but according to WebMD, foods with garlic, onions and other more aromatic spices can actually affect how your body smells. The aroma can be carried in your sweat. Try a fruit salad instead on a hot summer day.

... and drink. Alcohol and caffeine can make you perspire more than usual and overall hydration can really affect your scent. So drink those eight glasses of water each day. Bonus tip: It can help with bad breath, too.

Use a whole body deodorant. Didn't know that was a thing? It's new! Secret developed an innovation in deodorants, Secret Whole Body, that you can use from pits to bits. Groin, feet, thighs, the whole nine yards. It goes on clear and smells delicious, featuring Peach + Vanilla Blossom and Fresh Lilac + Waterlily scents that don't simply mask your scent, they fight odor-causing bacteria at the source. It comes in three forms: a nitrogen-powered spray, a stick with coconut oil and shea butter, and a water-based cream, all of which give 72-hour clinically proven protection against odors. All three forms are free of aluminum, baking soda and dyes. And, four out of five gynecologists and dermatologists would recommend it, including Dr. Goodall McDonald. It's a serious new breakthrough that gives women an easy way to smell fresh all day. Look for it at retailers nationwide.

Exfoliate. Showering every day is a given to get rid of the bacteria on your skin, but don't forget to exfoliate, too. It can help remove the dead skin cells that can trap bacteria and cause odors. Another tip for your daily showering routine: towel off well, especially in areas where you tend to sweat later in the day. When you get dry right away, it's harder for that bacteria to breed.

Wear loose, lightweight clothes. You may want to do the opposite and cover up more heavily if you're concerned about whole body odor. But dressing in outfits that will keep you cool may help minimize body odor.

Replace your insoles. To help combat foot odor, replace those insoles often. New insoles won't stop your feet from sweating, but old, stinky insoles certainly aren't helping.

With these tips, you can ditch the stress about body odor, put on those tank tops and shorts and enjoy summer!

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