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This Year's Design Trend Report

(BPT) - 'Style and design surround us - impacting how we feel, the personality of a room or the energy of a space,' said Laura Grilli, director of product design for Daltile. 'As a fashion-driven tile brand, Daltile has recently produced its Trend Report 2024 to help homeowners, designers and architects create fresh, breathtaking spaces.'

Coastal Retreat

Coastal Retreat is the design trend of deeply breathing in life - making our souls feel invigorated yet calm. Creating a sense of relaxation, typical of a vacation destination, is many times achieved in this trend by replicating a Mediterranean vibe. Sunbaked colors bring the Mediterranean sun, waves and reinvigorating seaside air into a room's aesthetics. Mix in a touch of free-spirited style to further breathe life into a space, complete with macrame, woven banana bark, handmade crafts and indigenous patterns to keep things real! The soothing sense of cocooning is also part of Coastal Retreat, finding balance, peace, calm and harmony through rounded shapes, sculptural lines and curves that are welcoming and reassuring. Helped by the dry touch aesthetic of raw stone, natural surfaces and organic shapes, Coastal Retreat can also create contemporary spathrooms that offer the tranquility of a relaxing spa in Bali.

Quiet Luxury

Serene and tasteful, Quiet Luxury provides an elegant escape from the daily grind through settings that meld understated luxury with traditional touches. Starting with a foundation of Soft Minimalism, Quiet Luxury then exquisitely layers on neutral colors, fabric touches and unique metal accents to maintain a quiet sophistication that is the hallmark of this trend. Refined and elegant, yet comforting, the clean lines of the furniture, wall d├ęcor and well-placed hero details carry forward years of order, social graciousness and reliable protocol while infusing the space with a contemporary freshness that lifts our spirits, calms our nerves and makes it effortless to truly live in the moment with family, guests or even just our own thoughts. All design elements within a Quiet Luxury space are gentle and refined, radiating a luxury that is comfortably elegant.

Modern Rurality

Unplugging from the frantic pace of today's overly digitized and chaotic world is totally possible when a space is enveloped by the warmth, purity and rusticity of Modern Rurality's design components. A wooden backdrop is key as are roughhewn, simple, outdoorsy elements that wrap the space in a relaxed, country atmosphere. There is a rustic charm as well as a heritage-inspired authenticity to Modern Rurality. Infused with a color palette reflective of a rural winter's day, a space following this trend's lead will be filled with gorgeous moody colors such as deep navy, saturated moss green, a solemn maroon and various natural shades of brown. Although entrenched in a log cabin feel, the aesthetics of Modern Rurality can also take on a contemporary twist by incorporating some industrial elements such as glass, metal, brick and concrete - achieving a sleekness while staying true to the simplicity that is at the heart of this design.

Retro Revisited

While vibrantly drawing from the past, today's design trend of Retro Revisited is all about expressing individuality. Everyone has a brand and Retro Revisited allows for a mixing and matching of the best design from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s to add life, color and individual expression to contemporary spaces. Cluttercore and hand-crafts are noted hallmarks of this trend as are thrifting and upcycling. Retro Revisited designs can be quirky, exuberant, creative. Disco Elemental, Mid-Century Modern, Maximalism and a touch of rebellion all make their mark in Retro Revisited spaces, sometimes as stand-alone features, other times as mixed epochs. Shiny lacquered wood furniture, striking geometries, psychedelic patterns and bold colors as well as muted crafts or make-and-mend elements all find their niche in this trend that expresses personal freedom.

Biophilic Essence

Nature can be grounding, relaxing, cocooning, but it can also be magnificent and exuberant, full of unexpected surprises! Like a William Turner painting, nature's elements can powerfully express themselves in ethereal majesty. The trend of Biophilic Essence is many times comprised of materials that have sprung forth from centuries of natural pressure such as marbles, crystals and precious gemstones. The color palette of this trend ranges from earthy browns, greens and grays to the majesty of jewel tones such as royal blue, brilliant yellow and fiery red - because nature gives us all of these colors. Silver, gold and other precious metals add natural artistry to a Biophilic Essence space. Additional signature effects of Biophilic Essence such as light, shadow and the juxtaposition of both in a space create a luminescent presence that heightens the artistry of this design trend. The wonder of nature and the majesty of natural elements can create a feast for our eyes and an uplifting undercurrent for our emotions.

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