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How to transform your backyard into a PGA TOUR-level lawn

(BPT) - Throughout the year, golf tournaments captivate audiences excited to watch the pros do what they do best: play golf! As viewers tune in to see their favorite athletes compete on pristine golf courses, they may dream of replicating this championship-level fairway quality in their backyard.

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a golfer's dream? TruGreen, the official lawn care treatment provider of the PGA TOUR, has you covered with these five expert tips to make your lawn as beautiful as a world-class golf course.

1. The foundation is underfoot

The key to a healthy, green lawn is rooted in nutrient-rich soil. Premium soil fosters a healthy lawn that can withstand drought, ward off disease and pests, and develop a deep, sturdy root system.

Although the perfect soil composition varies based on grass type, a well-rounded mix of water, air, minerals, and essential nutrients is crucial.

2. Maintain a meticulous mowing schedule

Lawn care is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the same goes for mowing schedules. The growth of your grass is influenced by various elements, such as prevailing weather and the local climate conditions. As such, you should plan to keep an eye on your lawn and mow it as necessary instead of following a specific schedule. For the most effective mow, adjust your mower to its maximum height setting, mow your lawn with sharp blades, and avoid mowing when the grass is damp.

Another great rule of thumb? Follow the 'one-third' rule: aim to mow often enough so that you're only cutting one-third of the grass blade during any single mowing.

3. Water is welcome

When you water your grass, you're helping transport necessary nutrients around the roots to the grass blades, ensuring they stay alive and healthy. Watering also improves your lawn's tolerance against normal wear and tear and foot traffic by boosting firmness and supporting seed germination.

Most turf grasses require about 1 inch of water per week via rainfall or intentional watering. A great watering guideline is to prioritize quality over quantity. Essentially, when you water your lawn, focus on the amount of water applied versus the frequency at which you water.

4. Don't wait to remove the weeds!

Can you think of anything more annoying than weeds on your lawn? Well, get this: they are likely already disrupting the health of your lawn before you can even spot them.

When approaching weed removal, it's important to first identify the type of weeds on your lawn. You can avoid the guesswork by consulting a professional to treat weeds early and prevent them from becoming an even bigger problem. Once you know what you're dealing with, you can determine the best action for removal such as digging by hand or pouring boiling water on them.

To keep stubborn weeds at bay, ensure you are maintaining a healthy, dense lawn that doesn't allow room for weeds to flourish.

5. Don't want to do it yourself? Leave it to the pros

'While your pursuit of the perfect swing might leave little room for taking care of your lawn, you don't have to give up on your dream outdoor space just yet,' says Brian Feldman, TruGreen's senior director of technical operations. 'TruGreen provides tailored plans to meet your yard's specific needs year-round so you can spend more time playing on your PGA TOUR-level lawn instead of maintaining it.'

These basic lawn care tips are sure to help get things off the ground, but they are just the beginning of your journey to a PGA TOUR-worthy backyard. For more advanced lawn care tasks such as aeration or pest control, learn more about TruGreen's lawn care service offerings at

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