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Unlock the latest tech trends with crowdfunding

(BPT) - How do you discover new tech? Social media advertisements? Recommendations from friends and family? If you're always searching for the latest and greatest tech, it's time to check out crowdfunded products.

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool connecting creators with potential backers, revolutionizing how new products are brought to market. When you back a crowdfunded product, you're supporting new and cutting-edge technologies that have real potential to improve your life.

Ready to discover new and exciting technology? Check out these three Kickstarter products that will change how you work, clean and sleep.

1. A speakerphone that supercharges hybrid work

Enhance your hybrid work experience with the AnkerWork S600 Speakerphone, the world's first speakerphone equipped with local real-time voiceprint recognition technology.

AnkerWork S600 Speakerphone integrates a Qi2 magnetic wireless charger, 70° adjustable phone stand, 4-Mics and 360° sound speaker with real-time voiceprint technology into one device. This is not just a speakerphone for calls. It's a multi-role conference and entertainment center, an all-in-one sleek device.

The S600 accurately recognizes and verifies your voice, even in the noisiest environment, based on your unique vocal characteristics. The speakerphone also stores your voiceprint locally, providing unparalleled security and privacy.

You'll never run out of charge, even during the longest meetings. The S600 also serves as a 15W Qi 2.0 magnetic charging station, providing fast, efficient, worry-free wireless charging without wires, plugs and ports. While docked, use the speakerphone's unique pivot design for landscape and portrait orientation, perfect for video conferencing and multimedia viewing.

2. Cleaning is a breeze with a smart vacuum cleaner

Are you ready for easy cleaning and maintenance? On March 28, you can back the Eufy Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro. The real-time self-cleaning mop, clean water tank and roller mop technology ensure unmatched floor cleanliness.

Don't worry about switching from mop to vacuum mode. When the Omni S1 Pro detects it is over the carpet, it will lift the roller mop completely into the robot's body and easily pick up dust and debris over any carpeting. The Omni S1 Pro can also clean its roller mop as it cleans floors for extra cleanliness.

The Omni S1 Pro's sleek design allows the robot to clean under low furniture and other tight spaces. Combined with the RGB camera with active binocular technology and Hidden Lidar tower, the smart robot maps your home and avoids obstacles for truly efficient performance.

The smart robot docks at the full-functioning station for hands-free maintenance. Once docked, the smart robot can self-empty, auto-mop hyperclean, heat air dry, refill clean water, collect dirty water, generate ozone-sterilized water and automatically mix detergent.

3. Fall asleep in comfort with these ergonomic earbuds

Enjoy all-night peace and quiet with the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds. Your snoring partner, a garbage truck, loud neighbors and other nighttime disturbances are no match for these earbuds. The earbuds' Twin-Seal ear tips offer advanced noise masking with three times better noise rejection than single-layer ear tips.

The Sleep A20s are ideal for side sleepers. The ergonomic curved design and ultra-soft silicone material conform to your ears for a pressure-free experience. Unlike traditional earbud models, the Sleep A20 earbuds let you lay your head on the pillow without the earbud protruding from your ear and causing pressure.

Just because these earbuds are designed for sleep doesn't mean you can't use them during the day! They're great for commuting, whether heading to the office or flying to see a client. Effortlessly and comfortably doze off to your music, podcasts and audiobooks from your favorite apps via your mobile device.

You'll never have to worry about running out of juice. The earbuds' long battery life lets you listen to 10 hours of playtime with 55 hours in the charging case when connected to Bluetooth. Or switch your earbuds into sleep mode for 14 hours of playtime and 80 hours in the case.

Other fun features include repeatable alarms, a sound library and automatic sleep monitoring with sleep position tracking. In the unlikely event that an earbud falls out in the middle of the night, the Sleep A20 will allow you to find the earbuds using an audible alert through the Soundcore app.

You can pre-purchase the Soundcore Sleep A20 via Kickstarter with discounts of up to 40% off for the first backers starting April 16.

These are just three examples of progressive technology that you can find online. Check out Kickstarter to see how you can fund these and other products that can enhance your life one technological advance at a time.

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