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5 health benefits of taking GLP-1 medication

(BPT) - GLP-1 medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro are getting major press for their ability to help people slim down. But that's just the half of it. These groundbreaking drugs, which mimic a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1, can improve multiple aspects of your overall health.

Maria Ikram can speak to the benefits from firsthand experience. Her lifelong battle with weight will be familiar to many people: Her closet is filled with clothes ranging from a size 4 to 18 - the result of years of yo-yo dieting. But before using prescription GLP-1 medication, nothing - not even bariatric surgery - gave her lasting results. Maria reached the breaking point when she and her family went to a theme park and she couldn't go on one of the rides because of her size.

She resolved to shed the extra weight. This time, though, she wanted to slim down more gradually and develop habits that could help her keep the pounds off. She looked for a program led by board-certified medical professionals, who could guide her and help her stay on track. She wanted a program based on proven science - not a quick fix or fad. Maria found the LifeMD Weight Management Program, which combined access to prescription GLP-1 medication with expert guidance and more. It checked all of the boxes for her, and she figured it was worth a try.

Maria didn't know it then, but the decision might have saved her life.

As part of the program, Maria was sent to a nearby lab for metabolic testing. When the results came back, she learned she had Type 2 diabetes, the condition her father had before he died. She met online with her selected healthcare provider, who outlined a plan that included GLP-1 medication. Slowly but surely, Maria began losing weight. After several months, she tested negative for Type 2 diabetes.

"Many people don't realize there are other proven health benefits beyond weight loss of using GLP-1 medications," says Dr. Anthony Puopolo, Chief Medical Officer for LifeMD. "By working closely with her LifeMD care team, Maria has seen tremendous improvements in her overall health."

Here are five proven health benefits of using prescription GLP-1 medications.

1. Supports weight loss

GLP-1 medication sends signals to the brain that improve digestion and reduce hunger. As a result, individuals who take GLP-1 medication often feel fuller faster, which helps prevent overeating and excessive snacking. By supporting healthy eating habits and reducing calorie intake, these drugs may contribute to weight loss.

2. Helps treat diabetes

People with diabetes often struggle with insufficient insulin production. This can lead to elevated blood sugar levels that can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. GLP-1s help the body produce more insulin. This helps regulate blood sugar levels, preventing them from spiking too high. As a result, patients can better manage diabetes and minimize the risk of related health issues.

3. Lowers cholesterol levels

While cholesterol is essential for building healthy cells, elevated levels of cholesterol pose a significant risk factor for heart disease. Clinical studies have shown patients using GLP-1 medications experience notable reductions in their cholesterol levels. By lowering cholesterol, GLP-1s help improve cardiovascular health and reduce the likelihood of developing heart-related conditions.

4. Lowers blood pressure

Research has shown that GLP-1 medications can have a positive impact on blood pressure, particularly in patients with Type 2 diabetes. By effectively managing blood pressure levels, GLP-1s help mitigate the risks associated with hypertension and its negative effects on the cardiovascular system.

5. Decreases the risk of heart disease

A compelling study, reported by the National Institutes of Health, revealed that GLP-1 drugs can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, or cardiovascular-related fatalities. The study showcased a remarkable 12% decrease in the risk of these adverse events and an equally significant 12% reduction in overall mortality rates.

The benefits of Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and other GLP-1 medications extend far beyond their ability to help patients slim down. By supporting weight loss, treating diabetes, lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of heart disease, GLP-1s can help patients live longer, healthier lives.

LifeMD's Weight Management Program helps eligible patients achieve their weight loss goals. LifeMD pairs access to groundbreaking GLP-1 medications with clinical oversight, metabolic testing, and ongoing support from licensed healthcare providers to help people lose weight and feel healthier overall. Want to get started on your wellness journey? Visit LifeMD to learn more.

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