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IonQ Demonstrates World-First Quantum Cognition Models

  • Research demonstrates nonclassical models of human decision-making can run successfully on quantum computers as circuits.
  • The recent achievement serves as a potential precursor to future mathematization of human psychology.


IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), an industry leader in quantum computing, today announced results from its early research into applying quantum computers for modeling human cognition. The recently published paper describes the world’s first publicly known method in which basic human cognition models have been run on quantum hardware, paving the way to the potential development of improved decision making models that imitate human thought.

Conducted in collaboration with an international team of quantum researchers, the research paper represents a starting point for developing quantum circuits that implement mathematical models of cognition, encoding mental states in qubit registers and cognitive operations using different gates and measurements. Since the 1960s, cognitive psychologists have sought to understand the correlation between the ways questions are posed and how a participant would respond. The concept of quantum probability effectively describes some of these relationships, however it wasn’t until recently that quantum hardware reached the point where quantum probability models could be investigated and tested.

IonQ’s research demonstrates how quantum circuits can represent basic human cognition between two related concepts, categorizing how the closeness of one proposition can influence another more than it would have had they been isolated. In the future, more complex circuits can potentially lead to better decision making models which can be used to anticipate results of elections, unravel unconscious biases, or produce increasingly tailored ads. A blog post further explaining the research methodology and results is available here.

“The potential impact of quantum computers capable of emulating human decision-making processes cannot be overstated, as such a future comes closer to reality” said Peter Chapman, CEO and President of IonQ. “This breakthrough holds immense potential for fields like generative AI, empowering the creation of sophisticated and nuanced artificial intelligence systems capable of generating highly realistic and creative outputs. With quantum computing's unparalleled computational power, today’s research lays the crucial groundwork for developing an intricate network of correlations that will fuel the pursuit of future innovations.”

Today’s research further demonstrates IonQ’s position as a global leader and innovator in the field of quantum computing. Whether it’s using quantum hardware to model human cognition, or developing quantum networks, IonQ continues to build upon its reputation as a world-class quantum computing company, touting the most powerful commercially available quantum system in the market and signing partnerships with commercial and government organizations, including Airbus, GE, Dow Chemistry, Hyundai Motors, and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory.

About IonQ

IonQ, Inc. is a leader in quantum computing, with a proven track record of innovation and deployment. IonQ’s current generation quantum computer, IonQ Forte, is the latest in a line of cutting-edge systems, boasting an industry-leading 29 algorithmic qubits. Along with record performance, IonQ has defined what it believes is the best path forward to scale.

IonQ is the only company with its quantum systems available through the cloud on Amazon Braket, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as through direct API access. IonQ was founded in 2015 by Dr. Christopher Monroe and Dr. Jungsang Kim based on 25 years of pioneering research. To learn more, visit

IonQ Forward-Looking Statements

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