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HEAVY.AI Introduces New Capabilities that Enable Organizations to Gain Faster Access to Rapidly Growing Data Sets and Deliver Decision-Quality Information

HEAVY.AI 6.0 introduces HeavyConnect, a zero-copy approach to fast data connectivity, and offers no-code visualizations of machine learning inference, empowering stakeholders to make timely, informed decisions

HEAVY.AI, an innovator in advanced analytics, today announced the limited release of HEAVY.AI 6.0, with general availability to follow in April. The new capabilities, such as HeavyConnect, deliver improved analytics performance and faster time to decision-quality information, allowing organizations to immediately extract value from their data. HEAVY.AI 6.0 empowers stakeholders to learn and make decisions based on data without requiring sophisticated data science skills or executing SQL commands.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

“Like most organizations today, we constantly collect enormous volumes of data across many endpoints. This data contains insights that are critical to guiding our decision-making, but parsing through massive, complex data sets to uncover those insights is a serious challenge,” said Richard Sutton, VP of Geospatial at Skyhook. “HEAVY.AI 6.0 transforms this process by providing immediate access to enormous data extracts, with accelerated query performance and analytics tools that are easily accessible even for highly complex functions. These capabilities enable us to make timely, reliable decisions based on a complete understanding of the shape and dynamics of our data.”

As enterprises gather massive volumes of location and time-based data from many disparate sources, such as sensors, IoT devices and satellites, they struggle to leverage and derive value from that data. Data scientists spend significant effort just to manage all this data rather than deriving analytic value from it, and analysts and other stakeholders are often unable to interrogate the data at all without the help of more advanced users.

“According to our research, data scientists and statisticians remain the top users of data science and ML solutions. However, ML’s importance and use has increased to include business analysts and business intelligence experts,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “The growing and shifting demand for these solutions will drive development in favor of greater usability (e.g., low code/no code; automation) and manageability (e.g., MLOps).”

HEAVY.AI 6.0 introduces several significant new capabilities to enable rapid, informed decision-making. The product equips both seasoned data scientists and broader business analysts with immediate access to their data sets, allowing them to execute queries in milliseconds, uncover deep understanding and ultimately deliver significant new business value. In addition, HEAVY.AI 6.0 introduces new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) beta features that provide a foundation for future advanced analytics visualization and integration upgrades.

“Enterprises today recognize the importance of data to guide business decisions. Yet, organizations are challenged when it comes to managing big data and making sense of rapidly growing, increasingly complex datasets. As a result, they often make critical decisions based on incomplete and old data,” said Jon Kondo, CEO of HEAVY.AI. “HEAVY.AI 6.0 enables enterprises to quickly unify and analyze all data as they collect it, regardless of how complex or messy it may be. With timely information from real-time data, these organizations will be able to uncover new opportunities and risks to support better business results.”

HEAVY.AI 6.0’s key new capabilities include:

  • HeavyConnect: HEAVY.AI 6.0 supports faster time to decision-quality information with the introduction of HeavyConnect. With HeavyConnect, users can immediately analyze and visualize their data wherever it currently exists, without the need to export or import data or duplicate storage. This effectively eliminates data gravity, making it easier to leverage data within the HEAVY.AI system and derive value from it.
  • HeavyDB: HEAVY.AI 6.0 delivers major new SQL capabilities and performance improvements, including real-time string operations that can run on both GPUs and CPUs, more comprehensive window function support, and system and user defined table function support.
  • Heavy Immerse: HEAVY.AI's browser-based visualization client now includes an administrative panel that provides a comprehensive view of existing deployments. The panel offers detailed information on how many tables and dashboards a system has, who owns those assets, the amount of storage and memory they're using and more.
  • Performance and Scalability Improvements: HEAVY.AI has been significantly optimized for 6.0 to further increase performance and scalability, including enhancements such as 10X faster initial joins, parallel query compilation, and dramatically faster data egress to Immerse and other clients.
  • Interactive ML and Custom Algorithms: HEAVY.AI 6.0 features in beta the ability to integrate ML models directly into the analytics workflow, both via SQL and in Heavy Immerse. Users can now obtain real-time visual feedback on how model accuracy is impacted by changes to input data and model parameters, and then use the model for workflows such as scenario planning, fraud detection, asset valuation and missing data inference. Furthermore, users can register their own functions, algorithms and models in the system via Numba Python, which is then run at the speed of the underlying hardware via HeavyDB’s parallel execution framework.​​

“To get more from their data, organizations increasingly look to marry the subject matter expertise embedded in their organization with augmented machine learning and data science capabilities that can help surface hidden correlations and anomalies,” said Todd Mostak, Co-founder and CTO of HEAVY.AI. “HEAVY.AI 6.0 makes it easy to fuse key datasets from multiple stores of record, and then combine the power of interactive visual interrogation with hardware-accelerated ML capabilities and custom algorithms to get to answers faster than ever before.”

HEAVY.AI 6.0 will be generally available in April. To learn more about HEAVY.AI 6.0 and its capabilities, please visit To sign up for a free trial, visit


HEAVY.AI provides advanced analytics that empower businesses and the government to visualize high-value opportunities and risks hidden in their big location and time data. HEAVY.AI supports high-impact decisions in previously unimaginable timelines by harnessing the massive parallelism of modern GPU and CPU hardware. The analytics technology unifies today’s exploding data volumes from multiple sources for a better immersive and real-time, interactive visual experience. It is available in the cloud and on-premises. HEAVY.AI originated from research at Harvard and MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), and is funded by GV, In-Q-Tel, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), NVIDIA, Tiger Global Management, Vanedge Capital, and Verizon Ventures. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more about HEAVY.AI at


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