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Harbor Capital Advisors Launches All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. (“Harbor”), a premier multi-manager investment firm offering access to innovative and specialized expertise across a range of investment strategies and vehicles, today announced the launch of the Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF (HGER).

The fully transparent ETF will seek to track the performance of the Quantix Inflation Index (the “Index”) before fees and expenses. The Index was developed by Quantix Commodities LP (“Quantix”) and is owned by Quantix Commodities Indices, LLC.

“As we continue our pursuit of delivering powerful and forward-looking investment solutions to meet the growing needs of our clients and investors, we are excited to bring this compelling new strategy to market. Simply put, we believe HGER offers investors a better solution for hedging inflation by accessing the commodities markets. Inflation is top of mind for our clients, having recently reached levels not seen in decades in the U.S. We hope this ETF will help them navigate through these uncertain times,” said Kristof Gleich, President and CIO of Harbor Capital Advisors.

“We are thrilled to partner with Don Casturo and his team at Quantix. Their background and decades of experience investing and trading in commodity markets at Goldman Sachs helps make them the ideal partner in managing this strategy for our clients, especially as investors seek to position their portfolios to address the increasingly complicated inflationary market dynamic,” added Gleich.

Quantix, the subadviser to the ETF, is a commodities focused asset manager specializing in the development and management of commodities-based investment strategies. The firm is an industry leader in delivering innovative and comprehensive commodity investment solutions to the marketplace.

“We are pleased to partner with Harbor in bringing this exciting new ETF to market. HGER offers a cost-effective solution for investors seeking an enhanced inflation hedge through a differentiated approach to investing in commodities. The strategy is distinctly designed to provide investors with a broad-based, diversified inflation hedge while targeting liquid commodities with high expected inflation sensitivity,” said Don Casturo, Founding Partner & CIO at Quantix.

The Quantix Inflation Index

Through a distinctive construction and exposure to a diversified basket of commodities, the Quantix Inflation Index (“QII”) seeks to deliver superior inflation protection and outperformance to traditional commodity indices, particularly in inflationary environments.

QII is comprised of commodity futures, which are distinctive in their relationship to inflation and are generally regarded as having the highest positive correlation to inflation of all the major asset classes.

As part of its methodology, QII considers the relative inflation sensitivity of each commodity, how to hedge against different types of inflation, and the cost of holding and rolling futures positions. The Index is rebalanced on a quarterly basis.


About Harbor

Harbor is dedicated to helping clients achieve investment objectives with an active, cost-aware investing approach. For more than 30 years, our investment team has served as a guide for clients, developing portfolio strategies based on rigorous research and market analysis; sourcing select specialists and deep insights in each asset class; and evaluating performance to ensure that decisions remain in the best interests of our clients. Headquartered in Chicago, Harbor Capital Advisors had total assets under management of approximately $63.5 billion as of December 31, 2021. For more information, visit

All investments involve risk including the possible loss of principal.

Unlike mutual funds, ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value. The ETF is new and has limited operating history to judge.

There is no guarantee that the investment objective of the Fund will be achieved. Stock markets are volatile and equity values can decline significantly in response to adverse issuer, political, regulatory, market and economic conditions. A non-diversified Fund may invest a greater percentage of its assets in securities of a single issuer, and/or invest in a relatively small number of issuers, it is more susceptible to risks associated with a single economic, political or regulatory occurrence than a more diversified portfolio.

Commodity Risk: The Fund has exposure to commodities through its and/or the Subsidiary’s investments in commodity-linked derivative instruments. Authorized Participant Concentration/Trading Risk: Only authorized participants (“APs”) may engage in creation or redemption transactions directly with the Fund. Commodity-Linked Derivatives Risk: The Fund’s investments in commodity-linked derivative instruments (either directly or through the Subsidiary) and the tracking of an Index comprised of commodity futures may subject the Fund to significantly greater volatility than investments in traditional securities.

The Quantix Inflation Index (QII) was developed by Quantix Commodities LP and is owned by Quantix Commodities Indices LLC (“Quantix”). The QII was created with the objective of being a diversified inflation hedge for investors using commodity futures contracts, traded in the U.S. and the U.K., as part of their core investment. Commodity futures are distinctive in their relationship to inflation and are generally regarded as having the highest positive correlation to inflation of all the major asset classes. The QII is designed to provide a risk management framework to hedge inflation risk appropriately in connection with commodity investing, taking account of the relative inflation sensitivity of each commodity among a defined universe of commodities, the relative cost of holding a rolling, U.S. or U.K.-listed futures position in a given commodity and the relative impact of inflation on each particular commodity.

Foreside Fund Services, LLC. is the Distributor of the Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF.

Quantix Commodities LP. is a third-party subadviser to the Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF.


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