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Rayonier Advanced Materials and the State of Georgia Use Bioscience to Optimize the Value from a Tree

The Prebiotics for Poultry project is a breakthrough for two of Georgia’s largest industries

Rayonier Advanced Materials, Inc. (NYSE: RYAM) (the “Company”) and the Georgia Center of Innovation have partnered with scientists at the University of Georgia (UGA) to develop an innovative method to capture valued biomaterials from the process to manufacture cellulose and turn these coproducts into useful products. The new method supports sustainable poultry farming and provides a healthy alternative nutrient to enhance gut health. The breakthrough development will benefit two of Georgia’s largest industries, poultry and forestry.

“The Prebiotics for Poultry Project represents RYAM’s commitment to its bio-future by increasing efficiency and creating valuable new biomaterials from natural inputs,” said Paul Boynton, President and CEO of Rayonier Advanced Materials. “This achievement is a credit to our partnership with the State of Georgia and UGA, whose support and expertise made this project possible. Together, we will continue to innovate and find ways to turn the renewable into the remarkable to benefit all Georgians.”

Two poultry feeding studies were conducted by the University of Georgia using prebiotic recycled from the Jesup Mill’s production stream. The results of the studies showed an increase in gut health and levels of beneficial bacteria in poultry fed with RYAM’s prebiotics.

“In Georgia, we know that when business, government, and education work together, success follows. In this case, the Georgia Center of Innovation was excited to be able to support a well-established Georgia manufacturer by facilitating a partnership with UGA and connecting them to the resources needed to take the Prebiotics for Poultry project from concept to market,” said John Morehouse, Director of Manufacturing at the Georgia Center of Innovation. “The results of the feeding studies are very encouraging, and we are excited about the benefits this innovation will bring to Georgia’s agricultural and forestry economy.”

“Gut health is an essential component of growing healthy poultry for market,” said Dr. Woo Kim with the University of Georgia’s Poultry Science Department. “This project will support a growing trend of antibiotic-free poultry production to enhance the growth and productivity of birds.”

About Rayonier Advanced Materials

Rayonier Advanced Materials is a global leader of cellulose-based technologies, including high purity cellulose specialties, a natural polymer commonly found in filters, food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial applications. The Company also manufactures products for lumber, paper and packaging markets. With manufacturing operations in the U.S., Canada and France, Rayonier Advanced Materials employs just over 2,500 people and generates approximately $1.3 billion of revenues. More information is available at

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