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Transforming Energy Efficiently, A Deep Dive into 10-20kv Oil-immersed Transformers

Oil-immersed transformers play a key role in power dispersion today. They deal with clear-cut possible levels. Engineers, vigour experts, and manufacturers rely on them. We will focus on 10 20kV oil-immersed transformers.

We explained their features, benefits, and uses.

These transformers control power flow. Various voltage levels are managed by them. Trust is placed in them by engineers and manufacturers. Today, 10-20kV oil-immersed transformers will be explored. What they do, how they help, and where they are used will be discussed. 

Introduction to Oil-immersed Transformers

Oil-immersed transformers are important in exciting engineering. They use oil to check temperatures.

Heat travels from the coil and core to the oil. The oil then passes the heat to the cooling medium. These transformers work inside a range of 6 to 35kV. We classified them based on their cooling methods. They can be immersion-free or use forced air cooling.

Understanding the Basics of Transformers

A transformer changes alternating possible levels using magnetism induction. It has three main parts; the base coil, the utility coil, and the charismatic core.

These parts check voltage. They match resistance and check recourse isolation in exciting devices.

They also played a role in radio circuits.

Introducing the S(B)H15 Three-phase Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer

What is an Amorphous Alloy Transformer?

An amorphous alloy transformer is a modern power transformer. It uses iron-based amorphous metal for its core. Unlike traditional transformers that use silicon steel, it reduces iron losses by 70-80%. This makes it very efficient. It is a low-loss transformer. It is suitable for many applications where efficiency is important.

Key Features

Low Loss and High Efficiency: Amorphous alloy transformers had much lower no-load loss than formal transformers. This boosts vigour savings and life efficiency.

Low Noise: Utilising three-column amorphous cores, these transformers greatly reduce operational noise.

Maintenance-Free: This boosts vigour savings and life efficiency.

Strong Heat Dissipation: These transformers use less electricity, which helps cut emissions and protect the environment

Compact and Safe: They have alcoholic heat play and deal with overloads well. They did not need oil changes during the convening operation, lowering tending costs.


Amorphous alloy transformers find applications in multistory buildings in commercialised centres, subways as well as airports, mining enterprises, and act areas. They were peculiarly appropriate for ignitable and volatile environments due to their iron recourse features.

The SBH15 Series Amorphous Alloy Oil-immersed Transformer

The SBH15 series is well-known for saving energy. This transformer uses a three-dimensional wound core to optimise performance and lower losses. Its advanced design ensures balanced magnetic circuits and strong heat dissipation. It also has enhanced overload capacity. Because of these features, it is a top choice for many industrial applications.

The S-ML Series Three-dimensional Wound Core Oil-immersed Transformer

Innovative Design

This series has an iron core arranged in three dimensions. It consists of three winding cores of the same size. This design changes traditional laminated magnetic circuits. It ensures symmetrical three-phase magnetic circuits, improves energy efficiency, and reduces noise levels.

Enhanced Performance

Compact Structure

 The three-dimensional wound core design makes the transformer more compact. It optimises space use.

Superior Heat Dissipation

Improved heat dissipation helps the transformer work reliably under high load..

Noise Reduction:

The innovative design reduces operational noise. This makes it good for noise-sensitive places.

Exploring the SD-MD Series Buried Oil-immersed Transformer

Design Excellence

The SD-MD series suits urban and crowded areas. These transformers are compact and fully sealed. They can be buried underground, saving surface space.

Key Advantages

Waterproof and Maintenance Free: These transformers can stay in water for some time and need little maintenance. 

Enhanced Safety Their fully insulated, sealed, and shielded design ensures safe operation.

Versatile Applications Ideal for central cities, highways, tunnels, and parking lots, they meet various power distribution needs.

K59 Three-phase Mining Oil-immersed Transformer

The K59 serial transformers were designed for mining operations. They are small and easy to use. They have great caloric performance. Made with six steel sheets, these transformers are strong. They develop low noise and low loss. Thus as well as they meet the tough demands of mining environments.

Operational Flexibility

High Voltage Adaptability  These transformers could deal with high voltages. They allow fixed power dispersion in mining operations.

Robust Construction Their multi-stage rounded iron cores and inclined seam stacked cores facilitate building and performance.

Product Standards and Environmental Conditions

Our transformers meet bluish international standards like IEC60076 and GB1094. They were designed for outside use.

They worked well in super temperatures and altitudes. This ensures they are genuine in clear-cut iota conditions. 

Technical Specifications

Standards Compliance Our transformers meet rounded standards including IEC 60076 1 IEC 60076 2, and IEC 60076 3, ensuring high-quality performance.

Environmental Conditions Suitable for single close temperatures and altitudes, these transformers were designed to dare challenging biological conditions.

S13-M Type Distribution Transformer

The S13 M serial is a domestic accomplishment and engineering innovation as well as developed to heighten dependableness and performance. Optimised for low loss and efficacious vigour conversion, these transformers use superior SI steel sheets for reduced no-load loss and current.

Features and Benefits

Low Loss and Current Significant reductions in no-load loss and modern-day heighten vigor savings and life efficiency.

Strong Short Circuit Resistance The iron building ensures an opponent to both axial and stellar reflexive accent during emerging short circuits.

Compact and Durable The declaration pattern and high reflexive effectiveness check long redevelopment life and dependableness.


In engineering and power distribution, 10 20kV oil-immersed transformers are crucial. They append reliable, efficient, and safe power. By knowing their features, benefits, and uses, professionals can make better choices. This helps improve their power systems.

For more inside information on our transformers and their benefits, liaison with our experts nowadays. research the options with inorganic debase transformers.


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