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Technical Specifications for Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) play a vital role in electrical systems, offering protection against overcurrent's and short circuits. These devices adhere to stringent technical specifications outlined in standards such as GOST IEC 60947-1 and GOST IEC 60947-2. Let's delve into the detailed technical specifications governing MCCBs, including design requirements, delivery scope, and accompanying documentation.

Standard Compliance

MCCBs adhere to standards outlined in GOST IEC 60947-1 and GOST IEC 60947-2. These standards are established to ensure the safety, reliability, and compatibility of low-voltage distribution and control apparatus. They specify requirements for various aspects of MCCBs, including design, performance, and testing. Adherence to these standards is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of MCCBs within electrical systems.

Requirements for Raw Materials and Supplies

Manufacturers of MCCBs must exercise strict control over the raw materials and supplies used in production. This involves implementing quality control measures to verify the suitability and consistency of materials. Any changes in raw materials must be carefully evaluated and coordinated to maintain product integrity. The quality of materials directly impacts the performance and longevity of MCCBs, necessitating adherence to stringent standards.

Equipment List

MCCBs must be designed to accommodate various auxiliary equipment necessary for their operation. This includes auxiliary contacts, emergency contacts, shunt release devices, and other components that enhance functionality or facilitate remote operation. Ensuring compatibility with these auxiliary devices is essential to meet the diverse requirements of different electrical systems.

Delivery Scope

The standard delivery scope of MCCBs includes essential components and documentation required for installation and operation. Interpolar dielectric dividers and terminal covers provide insulation and protection within the MCCB enclosure. Data sheets and operating manuals offer guidance on installation, operation, and maintenance. Fastening kits and auxiliary handles aid in the installation process, while draw-out cradles facilitate the removal and replacement of MCCB units.

Design Requirements

Design requirements for Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) encompass various aspects aimed at ensuring their safe and efficient operation within electrical systems. These requirements are crucial to meet regulatory standards, ensure user safety, and guarantee the reliability of the MCCBs. Here are detailed explanations of the design requirements:

Handle Labeling

The handle of an MCCB must be labeled to indicate the switch status clearly. This labeling includes symbols for the closed and release positions, following standardized conventions set forth by organizations like the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), typically depicted in IEC 60417-2. This ensures that users can easily identify the status of the MCCB, whether it is in the ON or OFF position, enhancing safety and usability.

Sticker Information on the Device

MCCBs must have stickers containing essential information affixed to the device. This information includes:

  • Model name of the MCCB
  • Rated operating voltage (Ue) and frequency
  • Rated insulation voltage (Ui)
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp)
  • Rated operating current (In)
  • Rated breaking capacity (Icu) at specified voltages (e.g., AC380/400/415V)
  • Rated operating breaking capacity (Ics) at specified voltages
  • Category of application
  • Country of manufacture
  • Reference standard
  • Marking ability to disconnect
  • Brand marking (e.g., ESQ)

This information provides vital details about the MCCB's specifications, capabilities, and compliance with standards, aiding in its correct installation and maintenance.

Sticker Information on the Package

The individual package containing the MCCB must also bear important information, including:

  • Model name of the MCCB
  • Rated operating current (In)
  • Rated breaking capacity (Icu) at specified voltages
  • Date of manufacture
  • Country of manufacture
  • Reference standard
  • Brand marking (e.g., ESQ)

This information allows for easy identification and traceability of the MCCB, helping users and installers verify its specifications and origin.

Sticker Information on the Total Package

The outer packaging of the MCCB, which contains multiple MCCBs, should include the following information:

  • Model name of the MCCB
  • Rated operating current (In)
  • Rated breaking capacity (Icu) at specified voltages
  • Date of manufacture
  • Number of MCCBs in the package
  • Country of manufacture
  • Reference standard
  • Brand marking (e.g., ESQ)

Accompanying Documentation

Comprehensive documentation accompanies each MCCB to provide essential information to users and installers. Instruction manuals offer detailed guidance on installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Data sheets contain complete order codes, manufacturing dates, and quality control stamps to ensure traceability and quality assurance. Additionally, 3D models, order codes, test reports, and certificates of conformity to relevant standards provide further validation of MCCB performance and compliance.

Packaging and Labeling

MCCBs are packaged in a manner that ensures their protection during transportation and storage. Polyethylene packaging with silica gel desiccants helps prevent moisture damage, preserving the integrity of the MCCB. Cardboard boxes with polyethylene foam provide additional cushioning and protection against physical impacts. Clear labeling on packaging indicates the contents and includes essential information such as model name, current rating, manufacturing date, country of origin, reference standards, and brand markings.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, adherence to these detailed technical specifications ensures the reliability, safety, and performance of Molded Case Circuit Breakers, crucial components in modern electrical systems. Compliance with standards and meticulous manufacturing processes guarantee the quality and longevity of MCCBs, contributing to the efficiency and security of electrical installations.

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