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Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Explores Virtual Infidelity as Ground for Divorce in New York

Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Explores Virtual Infidelity as Ground for Divorce in New York

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum (, of the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, has recently published a comprehensive article addressing the complexities of virtual infidelity and its standing as a legitimate ground for divorce under New York State Law. In the wake of evolving digital communications, this timely analysis provides crucial insights for individuals navigating the intricate dynamics of modern relationships.

The article, titled "Is Virtual Infidelity a Ground for Divorce in New York?", describes the nuanced ways that online interactions can be perceived as breaches of marital trust. Manhattan divorce lawyer Shum discusses the legal perspective on virtual infidelity, emphasizing its potential to be classified as adultery, which is a legal ground for divorce in New York.

"Virtual infidelity may not involve physical contact, but the emotional and psychological impact on a marriage can be just as devastating as a traditional affair," says Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum. He further elucidates that while physical affairs might be more straightforward in their legal implications, the digital nature of virtual infidelity presents unique challenges in proving the breach of marital trust.

The article highlights several forms of virtual infidelity, from online flirting and emotional affairs to the use of dating apps. Shum explains the reasons behind such behaviors, including accessibility, anonymity, emotional dissatisfaction, and escapism. He also discusses the emotional consequences, such as betrayal, guilt, and jealousy, which can severely destabilize a marriage.

In New York, the legal framework treats physical and virtual infidelity under similar statutes, with both having significant implications in divorce proceedings. Shum’s article explains that proving virtual infidelity involves gathering substantial evidence that demonstrates the affair, which can influence decisions on alimony, asset division, and other divorce-related negotiations.

"Given the increasing prevalence of online interactions, it is essential to understand how these can intersect with legal criteria for divorce," Shum advises. His article serves as a vital resource for those who suspect virtual infidelity may be affecting their marriage and are considering legal recourse.

For couples facing the turbulence of virtual infidelity, the guidance of a seasoned Manhattan divorce lawyer such as Richard Roman Shum can be invaluable. His experience in handling the complexities of New York divorce law helps ensure that clients receive personalized advice tailored to their specific circumstances, assisting them in navigating the legal system with confidence and clarity.

This release encourages individuals dealing with potential virtual infidelity to consider the insights and legal perspectives offered by Shum’s article. As digital interactions continue to shape personal relationships, understanding their implications within the legal context of marriage and divorce remains crucial.

About the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum:

The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in the area of family law, particularly focusing on the complexities of divorce in New York. The firm prides itself on a personalized approach, helping ensure that each client receives dedicated attention and tailored legal strategies designed to achieve the best possible outcomes in divorce proceedings. Whether addressing straightforward cases or complex disputes involving assets and custody, Richard Roman Shum and his team stand ready to support their clients with integrity and professionalism.


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