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Elevate Energy Efficiency with 35KV Series Oil-Immersed Transformers


Transformers are crucial elements in electrical grid systems and their use has changed over the years has changed. Today they are not only concerned with the aims of reshuffling power but also with the objectives of improving service and dependability. I have chosen this blog post for my analysis because it offers information concerning 35KV Series oil-immersed transformers.

 On-load and non-excitation voltage regulating transformers, in particular. This paper will focus on the attributes and uses of these kinds of products and how they can be applied in different industries. Regardless of whether your background is as an electrical engineer, an energy sector practitioner, or a technology aficionado, this guide would be a handy tool for delivering change to your circumstances.

Understanding 35KV On-Load Voltage Regulating Transformers

What is an On-Load Voltage Regulating Transformer?

An on-load voltage regulating transformer is designed to adjust its voltage output while it is in operation. This ensures a stable voltage supply, which is crucial for sensitive equipment and efficient power distribution.

Key Features and Benefits

The 35KV on-load voltage regulating transformer has several standout features:

New Insulation Structure  Improves short-circuit resistance.

High-Quality Silicon Steel Core: The addition of Co-Precursor enhances magnetic properties to improve the performance of the device to be produced.

Special Anti-Loosening Treatments: Puts emphasis on product durability, which indicates that equipment will be reliable throughout the long-term operation period.

The benefits are equally impressive:High Efficiency and Low Loss Conserve energy and are therefore a good idea for organizations’ monetary savings.

Versatile Applications Ideally located for power plants, substations, and industrial power stations.

Compliance with National Standards: Meets GB1094. 1-2013, GB1094. 2-2015, and more.

Construction and Design

The construction of these transformers is meticulously designed: The construction of these transformers is meticulously designed:

Spiral Coil with Longitudinal Oil Passage: Good thermal management.

Improved Coil End Face Support: Enhanced resistance to Toko-and-short-circuit currents. 

New Lifting and Positioning Structures: improve methods of transporting and operating the resources and equipment to reduce reliability problems.

High-Quality Materials Used

The materials used in 35KV on-load voltage regulating transformers are top-notch  

Oxygen-Free Copper Wire  This is because superconductors exhibit lower resistivity and better electrical performance compared to conventional conductors.

High-quality silicon Steel Sheets  Lower % loss, which reduces no-load loss.

Laminated Wood Insulation  Also, it is resistant to cracking while exposed to short-circuit conditions.

Deeply Filtered Transformer Oil Increases water and gas content as well as decreases the impurity content.

High-quality rubber Sealing  Stops it from decaying and prevents it from growing old as well as leaking.

Applications of 35KV On-Load Voltage Regulating Transformers

Ideal Conditions for Use

These transformers are designed for optimal performance under specific conditions: These transformers are designed for optimal performance under specific conditions:

Altitude below 1000m.

The extreme southern and northern parts of the continent are likely to record temperatures as low as -25°C while the northernmost areas are expected to clock temperatures as high as 40°C.

Humidity ≤90% at +25°C.

Little accumulation of corrosive gases or excessive amounts of dirt in this location.

Industry Applications

These transformers are ideal for

Power Plants Handy for governing the voltage supply to retain a stable voltage for use.

Substations Efficient power distribution. 

Industrial Enterprises  Provides a stable power source to various pieces of machinery.

Exploring 35KV Non-Excitation Voltage Regulating Transformers

What is a Non-Excitation Voltage Regulating Transformer?

Non-excitation voltage regulating transformers are used to adjust voltage other than time when it is ‘on-load’. This makes them ideal for usage in areas where there is unlikely to be a constant change in voltage demands.

Key Features and Benefits

Key features include:

Robust Design: Constructed from sturdy and durable materials that could help the structure withstand for several decades at least.

Energy Efficiency: Reduces consumable costs.

Compliance with Standards: Complies with GB/T6451-2008 and additional provisions.

Benefits are:

Lower Maintenance: It has fewer operations which implies that there is very little thing which requires maintenance.

Cost-Effective: Always appropriate for operation in a circuit that requires a steady voltage specified.

High Reliability: Reliability: This is one of the key benefits as it results in consistent performance over long periods.

Specifications of High Voltage Power Transformers

Type and Service Conditions

These transformers are meant to be used outside for the following conditions; These transformers are purposely designed for outdoor usage with the following situations:

Altitude not exceeding 1000m.

The marking machine is required to have a working temperature range  -25 °C to + 40 °C.

The material must have no more than 90% relative humidity 25°C.

Technical Specifications

Detailed specifications include:

Rated Capacity The range of these transformers is between 1600kVA and 8000kVA.

Voltage Group Typically 35kV.

Connection Method  Yd11 or YNd11 configurations The Block of the year H1 by the organisational strategy is at 25% while H2 is at 44%.

Loss Metrics  Depends on the specific model and connecting media but is generally designed for low loss and high efficiency.

Production Process and Quality Assurance

Manufacturing Excellence

The production process for the SFZ11 Type 35KV Series involves: The production process for the SFZ11 Type 35KV Series involves:

High-Precision Machinery: Ensures that the end product is exact to specifications.

Stringent Quality Checks: Each unit they go through varies from a normal test to a high-level complex test.

Compliance with Standards: It complies with standard GB1094 and GB/T6451.

Shipping and Delivery

Autotransformers are covered with wooden crates and ferried through sea transport. It must be understood that each unit is then enclosed and protected so that no damages can be inflicted while in transit.

Cumulative Benefits and Future Prospects

Altogether, these advancements represent substantial benefits. Products like the 35KV series of transformers not only offer functionality in the provision of efficient and reliable power supply but also the ability to shape future efficient energy supply structures. These grid patterns, sometimes termed smart grids, are designed in such a way that they are administratively independent for managing generation and distribution, integrating renewable resources and balancing the loads with statistical data.


The range of 35KV Series oil-immersed transformers ensures energy efficiency as well as high levels of reliability. Nonetheless, regardless of the type chosen between the on-load or non-excitation voltage regulating transformer, one is always bound to find a device that will fully satisfy his requirements besides meeting the industrialised standard. These transformers give a definite solution to electrical engineers, energy sectors and even technology lovers who are on the lookout for a solution for the ever-growing enabling power needs.

This is your chance to discover more with the 35KV Series transformers and move to the next level in furthering your energy provision. For further information about the availability and price of the product, please refer to the ‘Contact’ page on our website or feel free to get in touch with our sales representatives. No matter the scale or type of project, let us assist you upgrade your energy infrastructure as we speak! 

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