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Date:  February 1, 2002               By: /s/  Ron F. Hochstein
                                          Ron F. Hochstein, President

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     1              Press Release

International Uranium Corporation
1320-885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 3E8
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News Release


February 1, 2002 (IUC - TSE)...International Uranium Corporation (the "Company")
is  pleased  to  report  that  it has  entered  into a  teaming  agreement  with
Washington  Group  International,   Inc.   ("Washington  Group")  to  submit  an
innovative  technical  and financial  proposal to the U.S.  Department of Energy
("DOE") to relocate the Moab uranium mill tailings to the  Company's  White Mesa
Uranium Mill south of Blanding, Utah (see Figure 1).

Washington Group, a leading international engineering and construction firm, was
formed  by the  consolidation  of  Morrison  Knudsen  Corporation,  Westinghouse
Government Services Group, and Raytheon Engineers & Constructors. With more than
35,000  employees  at work in 43 states  and more than 35  countries  around the
world,   Washington   Group  offers  a  full  range  of  science,   engineering,
construction,  program management and development  services in 14 major markets.
Additionally,  Washington  Group  brings  extensive  experience  in uranium mill
tailings remediation programs through its role as construction manager from 1983
through 1999 for DOE's US$780 million uranium mill tailings  remediation program
at 22 sites.

The Moab  uranium  mill  tailings  pile,  located at the former  Atlas  Minerals
Corporation site,  approximately three miles north of Moab, Utah (see Figure 1),
is now under the control of DOE. The Moab tailings pile contains an estimated 13
million tons of mill tailings,  mill debris,  other contaminated soils and cover
material.  The location of the tailings pile adjacent to the Colorado  River and
an  environmentally  sensitive  wetlands  (see Figure 2), as well as the ongoing
contamination of groundwater and seepage of pollutants into the river, have lead
the DOE to investigate several alternatives for final remediation of the pile.

One  alternative  is to  stabilize  the tailings  on-site  through the use of an
engineered rock armor cover.  Although this appears to be initially less costly,
a number of federal and state  agencies,  local business  interests,  downstream
water  users,  and  environmental  groups are  objecting  to this final  closure
alternative.  Concerns  raised  by some of the more than 30  million  downstream
users  of  the  Colorado  River,  focus  on  the  risk  of  continued  long-term
contamination  of site  groundwater  and the Colorado  River,  as well as actual
long-term costs for monitoring and  maintenance.  In addition to the remediation
in-place  alternative,  DOE is currently evaluating  alternatives for relocating
the pile to the White Mesa Mill using a slurry  pipeline  or to other  potential
relocation  sites  using  alternative   transportation   methods.   Based  on  a
preliminary  plan prepared by DOE, the cost for relocation to one of these other
potential  sites has been  estimated  by DOE to be  between  US$365  and  US$450

The Company and Washington Group believe that relocation of the Moab tailings to
the White Mesa Mill has many economic,  technical,  and environmental advantages
over in-place  final closure or relocation  to a new,  unproven  disposal  site.
Relocating the tailings via slurry  pipeline to the White Mesa Mill will enhance
long-term  environmental,  social, and aesthetic values as well as public health
and safety.  Engineering on the project to date shows that utilization of proven
pipeline  technology,  which has a long history of safe operations,  will be the
least disruptive to the local communities, enable the relocation to be completed
faster,  and, based on preliminary  estimates,  will be economically  attractive
compared to other relocation options being considered.

The  Company  and  Washington  Group  have  committed  to  provide to DOE a more
detailed  cost  estimate  in the first  quarter  of 2002 for the White Mesa Mill
alternative, followed by a formal proposal to DOE to be submitted mid-year. Once
DOE  determines the preferred  alternative  and permitting and funding have been
obtained, relocation of the pile will take several years to complete.

The  combination  of the  Company  and  Washington  Group  creates  a team  with
operating and engineering expertise, tailings management experience, remediation
contracting  expertise and an existing uniquely  qualified  disposal site at the
White Mesa Mill.  This puts the  Company  and  Washington  Group in an ideal and
unique position to make an attractive proposal to DOE for this project.

Headquartered in Denver, the Company is engaged in the business of environmental
remediation and other processing opportunities at the Company's White Mesa Mill.
Further information on the Company can be obtained at

This news  release  contains  forward-looking  information  with  respect to the
Company's  operations and future  financial  results.  Actual results may differ
from expected results for a variety of reasons  including  factors  discussed in
the  Company's  Management  Discussion  and Analysis  section of its 2000 Annual

                             ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD

                               "Ron F. Hochstein"

For further information, please contact:
Sophia Shane, Corporate Development (604) 689-7842