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                                    FORM 8-K

                                 CURRENT REPORT
                     PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 OR 15(d) OF THE
                         SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

          Date of report (Date of earliest event reported): May 9, 2005

                             RCM Technologies, Inc.
               (Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Charter)

          Nevada                        1-10245                 95-1480559
      --------------              -------------------    -----------------
      (State or Other              (Commission File         (I.R.S. Employer
      Jurisdiction of                   Number)            Identification No.)

                  2500 McClellan Avenue, Suite 350
                  Pennsauken, NJ                                08109-4613
-----------------------------------------                       ----------
              (Address of Principal Executive Offices)           (Zip Code)

       Registrant's telephone number, including area code: (856) 486-1777

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under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240-14d-2(b)). 
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pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240-13e-4(c)).

Item 1.01         Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

     On May 9, 2005, the registrant  ("RCM") agreed to the terms of a separation
and release agreement with Brian A. Delle Donne, effective as of March 29, 2005,
in connection with Mr. Delle Donne's departure from RCM as of that date.

     Under the terms of the  separation and release  agreement,  Mr. Delle Donne
will receive a lump sum of  $175,000.  The lump sum will be reduced by an amount
equal to the  principal and interest due by Mr. Delle Donne to RCM in connection
with a  pre-existing  loan by RCM to Mr. Delle Donne.  The net amount is payable
within ten days after execution of the separation and release agreement, as well
as payment for any unused  vacation hours accrued as of March 29, 2005. RCM will
continue to pay Mr. Delle Donne's  monthly health  premiums until the earlier of
March  31,  2006,  or the  date on  which  Mr.  Delle  Donne  secures  full-time
employment as a W-2 employee with an employer offering employee health benefits.
In addition,  options held by Mr. Delle Donne to purchase 25,000 shares of RCM's
common stock, par value $0.05, at an exercise price of $3.95, will fully vest as
of March 29, 2005, and will be exercisable though December 31, 2005. The options
would otherwise have vested in February 2006. The termination  date of Mr. Delle
Donne's fully vested options to purchase 100,000 shares of RCM's common stock at
an exercise price of $4.75 will be extended through December 31, 2005.

     RCM will  continue  to provide  Mr.  Delle  Donne with an  attorney  and to
indemnify Mr. Delle Donne as a named  defendant  against any award of damages in
connection  with the RCM's ongoing  defense of a lawsuit pending in the Superior
Court of New Jersey,  Law Division.  As  consideration  for the above, Mr. Delle
Donne will agree to cooperate  with RCM and its counsel in their  defense of the

     Mr. Delle Donne will provide RCM and its affiliates a general  release from
all claims arising out of, or in connection  with, his employment and will agree
not to disclose RCM's  proprietary and confidential  information and, subject to
certain time limits,  not to solicit RCM's current and former employees. 



         Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,
the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

                                RCM TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

                                By: /s/Stanton Remer          
                                Stanton Remer
                                Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and

Dated:  May 9, 2005