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California, United States Jan 21, 2021 ( - Consumer Action Law Group is here to answer the consumers' questions regarding how does lemon law work and the various ways in which they can manage the proceedings. These include getting a refund, a replacement vehicle, or having the dealership/manufacturer pay for repairs or damages under the experienced guidance of expert attorneys.

Lemon law applies to a vehicle with mechanical issues that the manufacturer or its representatives have been unable to fix. It also applies to a situation, where the manufacturer refuses to honor the express warranty. Lemon law is a federal law, which means that it protects consumers across the nation. The specific standards and procedures may be different in different states. The lemon law applies to both new and used cars. The concept of a lemon car is becoming increasingly common with personal vehicles showing various functional issues after the purchase. The United State's lemon law provides consumers with security against vehicles that do not meet quality standards. If the consumer files a claim, and the manufacturer does not fairly resolve the issue, then the consumer can even get their lemon law attorney's fees.

The first identifying factors of a lemon car as per laws in California includes attempting to fix a warranty issue twice that may have resulted in injuries or fatality, attempting to fix an issue at least four times during the warranty period, and if the car was booked in a dealer shop for more than 30 days total for repairs. This means that the car could have been in the shop for 10 days for one occasion and 20 days at another time and it would still count. If a car buyer finds themself with a defective car, it is best to call a lemon law attorney immediately and file a formal claim and proceed to cancel the contract. Questions may arise regarding how the lemon law works. California lemon law protects consumers in such cases. Here, the dealer gets three chances to fix the car, when it's covered under the warranty.

Driving a lemon car can impose a lot of risks. Malfunctioning vehicles can effectively the functional efficiency of the brakes, steering, wheels, and vehicle transmission. If left unrepaired or unnoticed, driving a lemon car can lead to serious accidents. Car buyers can also prevent such incidents by thoroughly checking the car's CARFAX report. Auto dealer fraud lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are efficient in guiding their clients in the right direction.

If car buyers find themselves with a lemon car, they should hire a lemon law attorney to get answers regarding their claim. Many attorneys offer free consultation and case evaluation so the consumers do not have to spend a dime to find out if they have a strong lemon case or not. A lemon attorney can also help car buyers with returning the car and getting the money back, compensation for the money spent on repairs for pre-existing damages, and get a replacement vehicle against the lemon car.

Consumers are not always sure about they have a valid lemon law claim. However, it also depends on the subjective use of the car. If a consumer is hesitant about the claim, they can consult with an attorney at Consumer Action Law Group for immediate help. Their law firm in Los Angeles provides legal advice and consultation and that too free of charge. Callers should make sure that they have all the invoices and the timelines of the repair in order to speed up the process. The lawyer will make a claim with all the paperwork from the previous repairs. The paperwork needs to be proper and must include invoices that show that all repairs were made for the same problem, the problems happened during the warranty period, and the problem was not fixed after three or more repairs. As a consumer, every car owner is entitled to compensation if the purchased vehicle fails to meet the industry standards. 

Consumer Action Law Group is dedicated to helping clients in consumer-related matters. Whether the consumer is a tenant with mounting debt or a homeowner in default facing foreclosure, their lawyers and team are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of bankruptcy, auto fraud, stopping foreclosure, credit report errors, and California lemon law. The lawyers have the experience to successfully pursue financial relief on the client's behalf. They strive to fully understand their clients' situations so that they can provide the most suitable options for their circumstances.

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