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In a Collection of Heart-Tugging Poems, Award-Winning Author and Anthology Rekindle the Fire of Love and Romance

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A poem is sometimes a compilation of sentiments that the lips cannot express, but the heart can. Sometimes, it ends up on the tip of a pen. They represent the poet's emotions and reveal them in their purest form—genuine and brave, overflowing with love, fury, agony, despair, joy, or victory.

In an anthology that examines the dimensions of love, Joseph Cacciotti pours his heart out. He assembled fifty heartfelt poems from the depths of his creative imagination in the book Poems for the Heart.

Joseph began writing poetry when he was seventeen years old, and since then, he has joined countless competitions and received numerous awards for his moving works. Over thirty years later, he was ultimately convinced to produce his first collection of poems. Poems for the Heart was designated one of the top five inspirational books of 2011 by the American Poetry Society.

The novel takes a graceful approach to romantic supply. Joseph explores the excitement of burgeoning passion, the sorrow of farewells, and the comfort found in a lasting relationship. Joseph speaks of an optimistic type of love—the sincere kind that warms the heart and paints a vivid picture of the future.

A work that should be on every home's shelf, coffee table, study desk, or wherever else so that everyone may appreciate life and love more.

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“Poems for the Heart”
Author: Joseph J. Cacciotti
Publisher: Balboa Press
Published Date: March 28, 2019
Book Genre: Poetry

About the Author

Joseph J. Cacciotti started writing poetry when he was seventeen years old; he found out that when one puts one's thoughts into words something magical happens. He is not talking about genies popping out of a bottle or anything like that, but in how he sees things clearer and how beautiful this world truly is.

He found out later in life, how much easier it was to find a date in high school. He used to try and talk to girls, and found out sometimes he'd get a little gun shy, and pass up on his chance. Then one day, he wrote a poem for this girl he had his eye on. He walked up to her, and handed her the poem then walked away. Later that day she approached him, and they went out on a date. He found the magic potion to breaking the ice (so to speak) was a piece of paper and a writing pen.

He learned how to put his thoughts down on a piece of paper, which later he put into a blank book that he would write his poems in. After he was told by fifty or so people, that he should share those poems with others, he sat down and sorted out his poems, he thought could touch other people hearts the best. He hopes his poems are inspirational enough to help readers create their own books.

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