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Proactive Healthcare Recruiter Seeks Speech Therapist or Pathologist in Chicago, Il

Virginia Beach, Virginia -

Healthcare recruiting firm Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is looking for a speech therapist or speech-language pathologist for a clinic in Chicago, Illinois. Because the clinic works with babies and young children who are experiencing developmental delays or disabilities, the clinic is looking for a clinician who is certified in Early Intervention and can provide care in the Chicagoland area. This therapist will significantly impact children’s ability to learn new skills and overcome their challenges so they can succeed in school and life.

Rather than exposing already challenged children to the additional stress of going to a therapy office, this clinic sends therapists directly to the children’s natural environments, whether that is their home or childcare facility or some combination of both. This allows children to learn the skills they need to thrive in their natural environments. More information about this position and Proactive Healthcare Recruiters can be found at

A speech therapist, or speech-language pathologist, is a health professional specializing in communication and swallowing issues in children and adults. They can evaluate a person’s speaking and swallowing ability, diagnose underlying issues causing trouble with speech or swallowing, and provide treatments or therapies to help people improve their communication skills. Because the issues affecting speech and swallowing involve a broad range of disorders, speech-language pathologists can provide many different therapies to help their patients develop different skills based on their individual needs. Some of this work can include therapies to help people learn to form sounds or how to speak clearly and easily. Some therapies may use exercises designed to strengthen the muscles for speaking and swallowing. Speech therapists may also help people learn to say or understand more words, improving how their clients put words together in sentences and giving people with severe language disorders augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems so they can still express themselves to the people around them.

Someone might seek out the care of a speech-language pathologist if they are having difficulty communicating or eating after an illness or accident. Communication and swallowing involve careful coordination of muscles in the throat and mouth, so some injuries and illnesses can affect people's ability to speak or safely consume food. Other times, parents might notice that their baby or toddler is fussy at mealtime, avoiding certain food textures, or gagging during meals, all of which can be signs of a swallowing disorder or other issues in children that a speech-language pathologist can help to treat. Parents might also seek speech therapy for their children if they exhibit signs of delayed speech development because early intervention with speech therapy can make a big difference in a child’s life.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is a recruiting firm specializing in healthcare employees, from nurses and therapists to healthcare executives, marketing, and IT professionals. Proactive understands the unique healthcare employment conditions, and they strive to find qualified candidates who will fit seamlessly into their client organizations. They help with every step of the recruiting process, from finding qualified candidates and carefully screening them for culture and skill fit to recommending only the best candidates for each position to the clinics and organizations that make up their client base. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters will also help companies with brand recognition to attract better talent and offers consulting services for clinics that want to handle recruiting in-house but need help knowing exactly what to do.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is committed to the experience of both their clients and their candidates, promising to reduce staff turnover for their clients by ensuring their talent is just as satisfied with their service as their clients are. When companies want to know their chosen candidate a bit more before signing a full-time contract, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters even offers hourly staffing services, making it easy to offer a new candidate a short-term contract for a trial run.

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