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8 Lucky Ways to Unleash Prosperity, Success and Positive Energy in the Year of the Dragon

(BPT) - Lunar New Year is fast approaching on February 10, and this year is the Year of the Dragon. This is one of the most popular and recognized signs on the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing luck, strength and health. According to celebrity astrologer Laura Lau, best-selling author of the 'Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes,' in traditional Chinese culture, it's a time to celebrate traditional customs, enjoy delectable cuisine and make wishes for a prosperous year ahead.

'Lunar New Year is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the vibrance of Chinese food and culture,' states Steven Montes, general manager, USA, for Lee Kum Kee, the revered, centuries-old Asian sauce and condiment maker known for their expertise in Asian cuisine. Lee Kum Kee teamed up this year with Laura to harness the power of the dragon and share how to bring good fortunes and great flavors to every home.

So, let your inner dragon roar, get ready to ignite your luck and welcome positive vibes with these eight tips, courtesy of the celebrity astrologer and Lee Kum Kee:

1. Settle the Past for a Fresh Start

Tie up loose ends in your personal and professional life. In Asian tradition, this is a time to settle debts and finish any business related to last year, so that one can start truly fresh.

2. Feng Shui Your Home

Whether you call it decluttering or good feng shui, look to make your home, especially the front door/entrance, Lunar New Year-ready. Entrances are especially important because they are the ways good luck can enter a home. Make sure to remove any obstacles to your home, clear away shoes and other items that may have stayed past their welcome. Also, give the area a good cleaning, both inside and outside of the door, to symbolize a clear entry point for good luck and new energy.

3. Welcome the New Year with Vibrant Front Door D├ęcor

Decorate your front door to celebrate the new year and symbolize a new and prosperous start to the year. The traditional colors of red and gold are the luckiest, along with pink and orange.

4. Feast on Noodles

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with foods with good symbolism. Noodles are always on the Lunar New Year table. The long shape of the noodle represents a long life. There are so many types of noodles that can be integrated into the meal, from egg noodles to bean thread, to even veggie zoodles. If you're entertaining, make a vegetable lo mein for the table and also have a spicy noodle option, complete with a variety of chili sauces so family and friends can tailor to their level of spice. You can't go wrong with Chili Crisp Sauce or hot Chili Garlic Sauce from authentic and revered Chinese brands, like Lee Kum Kee, that I grew up with. Long green beans are another nice option to bring a longevity dish to the table.

5. Embrace Tradition with Flavorful Appetizers

The Lunar New Year celebration period traditionally lasts two weeks, giving people the time to celebrate with family, friends and coworkers. This is a great time to reconnect with people, especially over traditional foods including Hoisin Shrimp or Lucky New Year Dumplings. Opt for a variety of appetizers instead of a heavy meal to allow your guests to explore new dishes. Individuals who are not as adventurous can simply incorporate traditional Chinese sauces for a tasty spin on sliders, warm salads and cold noodle dishes. Be prepared to make something quick, but special, for unexpected guests.

6. Welcome Health and Longevity with Fruit on Your Table

Health and longevity are a traditional new year wish for every family. Adorn a table with a heaping bowl of oranges and tangerines to symbolize wealth, as well as a lot of apples, which symbolize peace. These are simple ways to bring wishes to the table and good routines to your snacking as well.

7. Set Clear Goals

The Year of the Dragon symbolizes energy and favors the bold. Take this two-week period to reflect on the past year and make clear goals for the future. In the traditional Chinese culture, at this time of year we make wishes, rather than resolutions. While we always work to make our own luck, this is a way of sharing our dreams with the dragon and manifesting our goals into reality.

8. Simplify Mealtime

Lunar New Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival, marks the end of winter. To keep the celebration focused on newness and life, it's important to keep mealtime simple, yet delicious. One of my favorite Chinese dishes to make is Scallion Pancakes; it's versatile and makes for great leftovers. Whether you choose to enjoy it plain, add dipping sauces like hoisin or with garlic and ginger oils, or fill with Chinese BBQ short ribs, chopped lettuce and Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo, they are always a hit.

'Lunar New Year is truly one of my favorite times of the year - for many reasons, but especially for the food. Combining traditional ingredients and big, bold flavors are perfect for the Year of the Dragon,' comments Lau. 'Looking back on how I always helped my mother prepare our house for the new year, I get excited about passing these lessons on to not only my son but also others to help inspire a year filled with good food and good fortune!'

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