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The Eyes are a Window Into the Brain

(BPT) - A recent study found that in those who had aging-related cognitive issues, levels of several key micronutrients were nearly half compared with those who did not. Micronutrients are important minerals and vitamins that nourish the brain for critical cognitive and body functions.

Dr. C. Kathleen Dorey, lead researcher and author of the study, has been researching micronutrients and their impact on brain health for two decades. In 2004, she and Neal E. Craft, of Craft Technologies, reported that zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) and lutein (two important micronutrients highlighted in the study) selectively accumulate naturally in the brain. Since that time, global research has revealed that those with higher levels of zeaxanthin and lutein in their macular pigment demonstrated better cognition over time.

On a parallel path in the early 2000s, EyePromise began pioneering eye health supplementation to replenish those same protective carotenoids but in the retina in the back of the eye. Zeaxanthin and lutein are particularly important because they are antioxidants - molecules that fight other harmful molecules called free radicals that contribute to oxidative stress, which contributes to the aging process.

In 22 years of researching eye nutrition, EyePromise also learned a lot about brain nutrition. 'The eyes are a window into the brain because the eyes are an extension of the brain, which is why we developed BrainPromise™ by EyePromise®,' said Chairman and Co-Founder, Dennis Gierhart, PhD. 'We also learned that a biomarker we have been measuring for years in eye health, Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD), is also a biomarker for brain health.'

As an extension of the brain, Healthy MPOD protects the back of the eye against harmful blue rays, can improve visual performance, and safeguard against age-related vision issues. Similarly, healthy MPOD supports general brain health, acts as a safeguard against oxidative stress, and potentially improves cognitive performance.

As a result of their research, the industry-leading brand recently introduced BrainPromise by EyePromise, a supplement featuring a robust formula of natural ingredients specifically for age-related brain health. Highlighting the formula are significant amounts of the antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein, which are not found in meaningful quantities in the average daily diet along with other essential vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Gierhart adds, 'The brain accounts for 20% of the body's energy consumption and 20% of its oxygen. As a result, the brain has a high metabolic rate and is susceptible to oxidative stress, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. Nourishing the brain just makes sense as it controls all of our cognitive and physical functions.'

The MPOD biomarker can be measured through devices like EyePromise's Zx Pro and QuantifEye, which enable doctors to measure patients' levels of zeaxanthin and lutein (MPOD) demonstrating the effectiveness of supplementation and a healthy diet.

In a press release about the recent study on aging-related cognitive issues, Dr. Dorey concluded, 'This study, for the first time, demonstrates deficits in important dietary antioxidants in [aging] brains. We believe eating carotenoid-rich diets will help keep brains in top condition at all ages,' she added.

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