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5 tips to help your student thrive this year

(BPT) - Do you remember how challenging school could be? As a parent, it's easy to forget that studying and homework aren't always easy. Your child needs your support and guidance to help stay on task with studies and achieve at the highest level.

Don't know where to start? Check out these top five tips to help support your student's educational journey so they can thrive academically this year.

1. Get organized

Messy and cluttered school supplies are a recipe for frustration. Encourage your student to keep notes and handouts organized to quickly and easily locate what is needed for any assignment. Encourage your student to pick out notebooks, folders and binders in favorite colors and designs. Let your student label or decorate front covers and assign a subject to each.

Take organization to the next level with a digital tool like the Five Star® Study App. Using the app and Five Star compatible notebooks, folders and academic planners, your student can scan handwritten notes and handouts to access study materials anytime, anywhere!

Once digitized, your student can add, revise and arrange notes as needed, organizing materials into digital folders that correspond with physical notebook colors. The free app provides your child with the best of physical and digital studying and even turns notes and handouts into digital flashcards.

2. Create a consistent study routine

It may sound simple, but establishing a consistent study routine can go a long way to help your student succeed in school. Creating a routine develops time management and prioritization skills for tasks and projects.

Guide your student to set a time each day for homework and studying, for example right after school, before or after dinner or extracurriculars. If a certain time isn't working, suggest a change to find a time and rhythm that works best.

No matter what time of day they choose, consistency is the most important aspect of a study routine. After a couple of weeks, the study routine will become a habit that provides consistency and stability so your child can focus on tasks with minimal distractions.

3. Set realistic goals

A large project or study packet can be overwhelming and discouraging for anyone, let alone a young scholar. Expecting to finish a large assignment or study for a big test in one sitting can seem daunting and cause undue anxiety.

Help your child avoid panic and stress by helping set realistic and achievable study goals. Demonstrate how to break down big assignments into smaller tasks, and even create a task list to check off as each one is completed.

Using a tool like the Five Star Study App, your child can set reminders for different tasks, tackle them at a steady pace, and meet deadlines, building a sense of accomplishment. More importantly, this practice fosters a growth mindset and builds perseverance.

4. Encourage handwritten notes

Typing notes may be more convenient, but handwritten notes can give your child an academic edge. Many research studies suggest that writing on paper improves recall and allows notetakers to better understand complicated concepts.

You don't have to sacrifice the power of paper for the convenience of digital. Your student can have the best of both worlds, thanks to the Five Star brand. Students can scan handwritten notes from compatible Five Star school supplies into the study app. To learn more about the Five Star Study App, visit

5. Take regular breaks

Nonstop studying can quickly lead to burnout and less productivity. During study sessions, invite your child to take a break. Take a walk together, do some quick stretches, or simply ask them to step away from the study area and go outside to get some fresh air. When returning to study, your student will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the remaining assignments.

Every child is different, so collaborate with your students to find the best strategies that fit their learning style. However your child decides to study, your support is the most important tool in their arsenal. Using these five tips and fostering a positive attitude toward learning, you can help set up your child for academic success in 2024.

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